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Mariana Genesio Pena was as invested in the second program of Flower Pena, the fucking mistress and confessed anecdotal moments of his life, after meeting Hollywood superstars. In this way, made a sharp comment about actress Nicole Kidman and left everyone surprised.

The model expressed: “is a bitter” and recounted his experience: “It is a sorette. There was an Oscars ceremony where you can’t take as many photos of celebrities, because you look bad. When he finished I asked for a photo and I told him ‘Nick a photo for Facebook’ and he said ‘No, no, I’m in a hurry’”.

On the other hand, despite being denied a photo, she confirmed her beauty, saying, “She’s skinny, she looks like porcelain… and she’s a bit human.”he said between laughs.

It should be remembered that Genesius Pena was in relation to Nicholas Giacobone -Internationally awarded Argentine writer and screenwriter- and lived for several years in the United States, more precisely in New York City.

Nicolás Giacobone, won the Oscar as co-author of the script for the film Birdman. Both had a bond of love and everything happened very quickly. They immediately moved in together and after five years they were married.

We met in a cafe completely by chance. That night I invite him to the theater, the next day he invites me to the movies and there we go out as boyfriends, hand in hand. The next day I had to go live in Córdoba, because I had no more resources and he invited me to live with him. After that, we never parted ways again.”

He also added that he does not see his break as a separation: “We remain united forever. It was a separation, one of the most painful moments of my life, because I saw it as a separation. But today I see it as a transformation of the bond. When you realize that love continues and that you are going to love that person for the rest of your life”. And he concluded: “There are loves that will be forever.

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