The impressive physical changes of Christian Bale throughout his career

ANDhe cinema is a very hard discipline in which the actors, in order to fully immerse themselves in the role they are going to play, undergo physical changes or even experience the way of life of their character in order to perfectly convey what they want to capture. One of them is Christian bale, whose physical changes are as impressive as his acting talent.

This variant of the performance is called method performance, defined as a “means of training the actors as a technique for their work in the roles“. It is the in-depth study of the character. Among other famous actors of the method are Marlon Brando, Robert de Niro or Christian Bale.

Variations in both weight and appearance that make the American actor one of the most involved in his work, even being detrimental to his health. Here we show you the movies for which Christian Bale has had to undergo some harsh regimens.

‘American Psycho’

This film, from the year 2000, combines black humor with terror. Mary Harron was the co-writer and director of the film based on the homonymous novel byand Brest Easton Ellis. The actor had to put himself in the shoes of Patrick Bareman, a New Yorker who discovers that he loves blood. He weighed 86 kg.

‘The Machinist’

Subsequently, he prepared for the character of ‘The Machinist’ with his interpretation of Reznik. The character was a factory worker suffering from various psychological problems. The actor had to lose 25 kilos in four months.

‘The Fighter’

In the movie ‘The Fighter’, the American revealed in an interview that he went on a heavy diet because had to give life to a boxer welterweight, thus reaching 65kg


Another of his famous works was ‘Batman‘. To perfectly play the superhero, Christian bale he was aware that he had to gain muscle and for that he underwent long hours of training and a strict diet. He weighed a total of 86 kg.

‘American Hustle’

In ‘American Hustle’, the actor reached… the 104 kilos! A considerable weight gain and in such a short time that it took its toll on his personal life. Christian Bale even raised if so much effort is really worth it.

‘Vice’, his latest work

One of his last works was the film ‘Vice‘, where he reincarnates dickcheney, a role for which he had to reach the 103 kilos. A brutal physical change, but the following year he had to change it radically for ‘Ford vs Ferrari’, where he went down to the 70 kilos.

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