The hilarious chat between Johnny Depp and an Argentine that went viral

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In this case, a user named @lunasereena He shared with the Twitter community a situation that he experienced with his mother and that made his followers burst out laughing. Something that happens quite often but that some generations are not aware of and can become some kind of scam or deception.


It turns out that the mother of Moon he phoned her at two in the morning thinking that the real Johnny Depp had communicated with her by text message: “jajsjssj help”, finished off the post, which had more than 100 thousand “likes” and almost 3 thousand retweets on the little bird’s platform.

The messages of the users did not wait: “Johnny Depp: I need you to deposit me a thousand dollars to pay my lawyers and win the case against Amber”, joked one. Next, the young woman emphasized a part of the conversation, which was in English: “He:” I’ll talk to you in the morning. My old lady: “I’ll be sleeping in the morning.” In this sense, a user repaired: “Your mother playing toughwill be Johnny Depp, but rest is sacred… don’t wake me up. I am a Fan!”.


Also, there were those who told similar stories: “He wrote to me Matt Damon to ask me to collaborate with his foundation to help refugees from I don’t know where… I told him that if he sent me a photo of himself holding the day’s newspaper I would transfer all my savings to him at once. I block.” “Do you mean that he is not chatting with me Scarlett Johansson? what a disappointment”, implying that It is a recurring pattern.

“I wanted to tell and leave evidence that the very same writer wrote to me. Jared Leto. But well ….. it seems that they blocked his personal account of Facebook”. “My dad thinks he’s talking to Sun Perez and even gave him the password Netflix because poor thing wants to watch a movie”, added another Internet user with a local experience. “Surely he wanted to know where there was a good restaurant in LaferrereI don’t see anything wrong,” they also wrote.

“Friend I don’t know your mother but wish her a happy day from me, I’ve been laughing for about 1 hour… because my mommy would be the same”, added another follower.

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