The day Martha Higareda confused Canelo Álvarez with a drug trafficker

The day that Martha Higareda met Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez not only mistook him for a drug dealerbut they were at risk of dying when the windshield of the plane that was transporting them to Los Angeles crashed.

During an interview with Yordi Rosado, the actress of “No manches Frida” and “Amar te duele” recounted when she ran into the boxer who, considered at the time as the best pound for pound, lost last weekend against the Russian Dmitry Bivol for the Light Heavyweight category of the World Boxing Association.

The Tabascan woman, who does not specify the year of the meeting, recalled that she was in an airport when a redhead with guards and many people around her approached her to ask for a photo for him and everyone else.

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After accepting, the guy asked him where he was traveling and when he heard that Los Angeles, he quickly turned around saying that he too.

“And (he had) an accent like a norteño, but no, a little and I said: wow, could it be that they are drug traffickers? And I got scared because quite a few came and since we were at the entrance to the airport there were some guards and I said, oh , who knows who they are and I think they must be drug traffickers,” said the Tabasco woman.

“I got on the plane, I sat down, and next to me came the redhead and I was a chin, I got involved with the narco. And to distract myself I open these things from the tarot (which I had bought a little before), he asks me what it is, and he tells me, let’s see, read me the letters,” he added.

A little scared, Marha turned to the book with the bases to read the cards and one of them told her that this boy was going to fight with someone.
“And am I going to win?” the boy questioned, which alerted her a little more.

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She took out another card and answered in the affirmative.

It was then that “El Canelo” asked her if she knew who he was and she honestly told him no. The man from Guadalajara introduced himself and she then identified him.

But the story did not end there, because at that moment the plane had to make an emergency descent in Tijuana, since the cabin windshield was broken, according to the flight attendants.

“The stewardess said it had to be slow, because if it breaks, everyone dies,” the actress recalled.

Already in Tijuana, together with “El Canelo” he had to walk through the pass to San Diego, where they were picked up by vans sent by Oscar de la Hoya, since the boxer had to arrive at the weigh-in ceremony.

“He told me: come with us, and I went with them,” he narrated.

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