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The actress Sophie Turner, current wife of Joe Jonas, has told in The Tonight Show how was the night he met the singer and the strange question he asked him in the first date. What we can guarantee is that it was love at first sight.

Their relationship started in 2016, they got engaged the following year and their first daughter was born a year later. We can assure that everything happened very fast and intense. And there is no doubt after the answer that the actress gave to Jimmy Fallon when he asked her when was the moment when she realized that she wanted to marry him.

He didn’t hesitate for a second to reply. “I mean, the first night I met him,” although he joked that perhaps it had been the alcohol. The first time they met was in a bar, but no, he didn’t go alone, “We went out and hung out at a bar with all my friends and all of their friends, and then they all went back to my apartment and we had drinks afterwards.”

Sophie Turner on The Tonight Show / Getty Images

The actress so recognized for her role in Game of Thrones realized that night what it meant joe for her, “I remember that he left and I cried with my brother. I thought, ‘I love this man so much.’ And he knew it. And that was it”.

The curious question of Joe Jonas

We all know the charisma that the famous singer of the Jonas Brothers has, but even in moments like that, anyone can get nervous and say something strangelike the one that night he met the woman who was going to be his wife.

“So on this first date, he was like, ‘Oh, did they ever tell you that you look like, you know, a young celebrity?’ And I said, ‘Oh yeah, sometimes. But why do you ask? And he said, ‘Well, I… I’m called young George Clooney all the time.’ And then I said, ‘Well, they call me young Boy George all the time. Sophie told between laughs when presenting.

The last time we saw the couple in public was at this year’s Met Gala dressed in Louis Vuitton. They showed off on the red carpet of the advanced state of pregnancy of the actress, which will be out by July 2022.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner at the 2022 Met Gala / Gotham/Getty Images

Since that day 6 years have passed, in which the couple has remained united and happy, demonstrating the love they have for each other. Especially now that they are expecting their second child, after a year of having Willa, his first daughter. They will be able to tell them in a few years how conquer a woman with a strange question that makes her laugh, because he has proven that he succeeded.

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