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    As if that weren’t enough with Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max disputing the 2022 fantasy series with The Lord of the rings Y dragon house, nor with Netflix expanding seasons of The Witcher, Disney+ also joins the race to have the best fantasy series after Game of Thrones. And he does it twice, with the next premiere of Willow and a future adaptation of the books of Percy Jackson.

    Disney is not lacking in reasons to adapt Rick Riordan’s novels. The success ofthe wheel of time has made it clear that there is still a wide audience demanding high fantasy stories and with the purchase of Fox, the mouse company owns the rights to the best-selling juvenile fantasy saga of the genre. Percy Jackson is, more than Harry Potter, the Marvel equivalent of fantasy: a series of five books (five best sellers) within the universe The Camp Half-Blood Chronicles shared by two other series of novels and several collections of short stories, miscellany, comics, video games and even a musical.

    Percy Jackson was already brought to the screen as a movie in 2010 by director Chris Columbus., who believed he could repeat the success of Harry Potter with another youth fantasy saga inspired, this time, by the Olympian gods. But Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief received poor critical reception (49% on Rotten Tomaotes), only moderate box office success, and a sequel in 2013, Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters, which already showed the loss of interest. And yet, with a budget of 95 million dollars, the film grossed a whopping 226 million dollars worldwide (mainly abroad). Despite everything, there was plenty of public for Percy Jackson.

    According to author Rick Riordan, one of the things that had failed in the adaptation of Columbus (a “disaster” in his words) was the excess of creative freedom with respect to the original material. He must now have seen in Disney a much more affectionate company with the fandom and has been promoting since 2020 a new adaptation much more faithful to the first book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, this time in serial form. Leaving nothing to chance, this time Riordan himself has been deeply involved with the project as executive director.

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    The series is currently about to begin filming. This is all we know about Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

    Series ‘Percy Jackson’: Premiere date

    In April 2022 Rick Riordan announced that Percy Jackson and the Olympians He was in the final stages of pre-production, creating the setting (costumes, locations…) and choosing his casting. Since then several news have been made public. We know, for example, that The first season of the series will have 8 episodeswhich will allow to better define the arcs of the characters than the film, and that will faithfully follow the events of the first of the novels, The Lightning Thief. Riordan said that the script for the first four chapters has already been finished and that the other half are well advanced.

    Filming will start in June 2022 and, although Disney+ has not set a date for the exclusive premiere of the series on the platform, with these dates it is calculated that could arrive in the first half of 2023according to gaps in the Disney schedule.

    Series ‘Percy Jackson’: Synopsis

    the novels of Percy Jackson they are one of the innumerable current attempts to update Greek mythology to the 21st century, in the case of Rick Riordan from an openly fantastic and youthful genre. Throughout the 5 deliveries we see how a present-day boy named Percy Jackson discovers that the ancient gods and myths are real and that he is a demi-god, like Hercules, son of Poseidon and a human. The setting is, however, contemporary, with an Olympus located on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building and a Camp Half-Blood to train demigods like Jackson. There he will meet his best friends, the satyr Glover and Athena’s daughter, Annabeth Chase. Together they will live fast-paced adventures -of course- to save the world -of course- from Cronos, the king of the titans and whom Goya imagined eating nosy children like Percy.

    As we said above, according to The Hollywood Reporter the first season of the series will focus on the first of the five books in the series, The thief of the grate. This is the synopsis of its edition in Spanish:

    Expelled from six schools, Percy suffers from dyslexia and difficulty concentrating, or at least that’s the official version. Teased for inventing fantastic stories, even he doesn’t quite believe them himself until the day the gods of Olympus reveal the truth: Percy is nothing less than a demi-god, that is, the son of a god and a mortal. And as such he has to find out who has stolen Zeus’ thunderbolt and thus prevent a war between the gods from breaking out. To accomplish the mission he will have the help of his friends Grover, a young satyr, and Annabeth, daughter of Athena.

    The following seasons will successively adapt the rest of the books one by one according to Riordan’s vision.

    ‘Percy Jackson’ Series: Cast

    walker scobell percy jackson

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    Do you remember the ingenious sapling of the adam project? For he is going to be the son of Poseidon. Walker Scobell He will thus be the second actor to play Percy Jackson after Logan Lerman. “It was apparent to me and the rest of the crew that Walker had the perfect mix of comic timing, sweetness, rebelliousness, sarcasm and heroism to embody our hero Percy Jackson,” Rick wrote on his website.

    At only 13 years old, this decision respects the original ages of the books, instead of aging his characters to 16 as the movies did in an attempt to bring him closer to the audience of the genre. young adult. I suppose that Disney has realized that, on its platform, if the series is good, it will be successful among children and adults. If the target audience of Harry Potter it was not a problem for it to transcend all age groups, why Percy Jackson would it be different? It was precisely this respect for the original spirit of the novels that made JK Rowling’s films such a success.

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    Together with Walker Scobell we will find the young aryan simhadri Y Leah Sava Jeffries as Grover and Annabeth respectively, Percy’s friends. Both actors are relatively unknown but have been chosen, just as happened with Harry Potter, after they passed several tests on their chemistry with Scobell. Who knows if we will not be facing the next Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson of a new generation. For now, Leah Jeffries already has the blessing, in addition to Riordan, of Alexandra Daddario, the character’s previous incarnation in the movies.

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    The rest of the papers are still in negotiations but Riordan has advanced that we will see basically all the characters of the first novel: Sally, Mr. D., Chiron, Luke, Clarisse, Gabe, Mrs. Dodds, etc.

    And will we see Logan Lerman? Upon hearing the news he said that he would be happy to participate in the series if they contacted him but, as far as we know, he is still waiting there.

    ‘Percy Jackson’ Series: Pictures, Poster, Trailer

    With the film set to begin shooting in June, it won’t be long before the first images from the set begin to arrive, although we’ll still have to wait a while for the trailer. In any case, we will update this article with all the news. In the meantime, you can always check out the Percy Jackson movies on Disney+.

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