Concern for Britney Spears and Rosalía’s wild route

Chanel is postulated as one of the favorites after her third rehearsal

The grand finale of the Eurovision Song Contest is getting closer and chanell, the Spanish representative, is one of the favorites to win the crystal microphone in Turin this year. The singer has triumphed in the third trial with press of his song SloMo. The performance of the young woman not only stands out for her vocal power and her strength in the dance, but also for the production, lighting and staging. A bet that will not leave Europe indifferent next Saturday.

Chanel at the Eurovision rehearsal

Chanel at the Eurovision / RTVE rehearsal

Rosalía is surrounded by nature in the video for ‘Delirio de grandeza’

The success of mommy go on and Rosalia he knows. The Catalan singer has wanted to give more content to her followers and has released the video clip of the song Delusions of greatness. The song is a version of Justo Betancourt’s bolero that the artist has mixed with a samples by Soulja Boy at the end of the song.

In the video clip, Sant Esteve Sesrovires appears in the woods with a snow-white dog while trying survive in the wild. The video has been directed by Mitch Ryan.

Rosalía in the video clip of 'Delirio de grandeza'

Rosalía in the video clip of ‘Delirium of Grandeur’ / YOUTUBE

American rapper Young Thug arrested

american rapper Young Thugwinner of a Grammy and one of the main figures of hip-hop in the country, has been arrested along with 27 other artists from his record label, YSL, for his connection to Atlanta criminal gangs.

The Fulton County Prosecutor’s Office (state of Georgia, USA), presented this Monday 56 charges against Young Thug and his team, considering that they had functioned as a criminal organization dedicated to illegal activities since the end of 2012.

rapper young thug

Rapper Young Thug / NETWORKS

Elsa Pataky, totally dedicated to her children

Elsa Pataky Y Chris Hemsworth They have formed one of the most beloved families. The couple lives in Australia and enjoy nature. Also, as she has confessed now for the magazine readingsthe actress is fully committed to the parenting and she has reached an agreement with her husband: that the children always be accompanied by one of them. “I don’t have a babysitter. I do everything myself and I love it,” confirms the interpreter.

The actress Elsa Pataky

Actress Elsa Pataky / EP

The sequel to ‘Dirty Dancing’ already has a release date

The sequel to Dirty Dancing is closer than ever. 30 years later, Jennifer Grey, 62, will be Frances again Baby Houseman and will return to the spa where his first love lived. The director of the film will be Jonathan Levine (Memoirs of a teenage zombie) and has participated in the script with Elizabeth Chomko (stronger than oblivion) and Gray herself, who also serves as executive producer.

Levine himself has given some details of the production for Deadline. The filming will start at the end of the year and the forecast is that hit theaters in 2024. Likewise, the director has revealed that the soundtrack will consist of both original movie songs like generational hits and ’90s hits.

A scene from 'Dirty Dancing'

A scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’ / PARAMOUNT

Cristiano and Georgina enjoy a family getaway

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez They are going through a difficult time after losing one of their children in childbirth. However, the little emerald yes, it was born and, to forget the delicate situation and spend time with their children, the couple has prepared a getaway to a paradisiacal beach. In the image, Georgina appears with a serious face and a white t-shirt leaning on her boy who smiles at the camera.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez enjoy a getaway / INSTAGRAM

Charlene de Monaco becomes “independent” from her husband

charlene of monaco would have negotiated with her husband, the prince Albert II, a contract of 12 million euros per year to live “independently” in Geneva, Switzerland. Apparently, the princess consort would have “imposed” on her husband a document that establishes the new relations between the spouses, after a long year of forced physical separation, which began with Charlene’s internment in South Africa first, and Switzerland later. afternoon.

Charlene and Albert of Monaco

Charlene and Albert of Monaco / EP

Britney Spears worries with the publication of some nudes

Concern again for Britney Spears. After a long time, the singer has posted nine fully nude photos on her Instagram account. “Photograph of the last time I was in Mexico before there was a baby inside of me“wrote the artist. “Why the hell do I look 10 years younger on vacation?” he added. This has greatly concerned his followers, who do not understand the context of the images.

Britney Spears nudes

The nudes of Britney Spears / INSTAGRAM

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