BrandNewVerse is born, based in the Roblox metaverse

BrandNewVerse is bornthe first Spanish study specialized in experiences for brands in Roblox that will act as a link between companies and users and creators of the platform. To fulfill its mission, the Company incorporates into the founding team the talent of CKolmos Rebelsindependent video game development studio in Robloxwhich accumulates more than 40 million visits to date.

In this way, BrandNewVerse has had, since its inception, a group of professionals with proven experience both in development within the platform and in building audiences for brands. On the one hand, Arturo Larrainzar (Co-founder and CEO), with a career of more than 15 years in management positions in the advertising and media sector. For another, Jose Miguel Garcia Y John Peter Ramirez (Co-founders and partners of CKolmos Rebels), who have been working on the platform for more than five years and have published successful experiences and a community of almost 100,000 users.

The Brandnewverse headquarters is located in the Roblox “Metaverse” and his team is made up of creators from different countries. “The first hour of conversation with our customers is always about what Roblox is and what can be done on it. That is why we decided that the easiest way to understand its possibilities was to invite them to be part of it: If someone wants to know what we do and how we do it, they can see it directly by entering our office and meet the team, see our work Or just hang out.” says Juan Pedro Ramirez.

As José Miguel García explains, the Company aspires to cover a need that no one is yet responding to in Spain: “On the one hand, there are brands that are aware of the potential of the platform but don’t know how to enter it. On the other hand, there are many creators who do not have to understand advertising and, therefore, do not design their experiences to be able to report the basic KPIs within any marketing action. And lastly, there are a lot of very good game development studios that are jumping on the platform as a result of its rise but, as of today, still don’t have the necessary experience to offer a product that works properly within the platform. same. That is a job that takes years.”

The Company aspires to combine its activity as a Development Studio with that of building a Network of creators. “With 200 million monthly users who, in turn, can be creators within the platform, we like to say that Roblox is to the Metaverse, what YouTube meant to the world of streaming. That means there is a lot of room to build experiences together with the community and amplify their potential”declares Arturo Larrainzar“We aspire to put the necessary tools to improve the monetization of creators with an additional source of income, under an environment that guarantees that both Roblox’s Terms of Use and the quality standards required by any commercial communication are met.”

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