because he wore the ethnic headdress

For some time now we have often talked about Rihanna’s pregnancy but in the latest photos posted on social media she has avoided putting her baby bump on display. The star posed in the foreground with an original maxi turban: why did she wear it?

Rihanna she is pregnant, she is expecting her first child with her boyfriend ASAP Rocky and she couldn’t be happier and more radiant. She demonstrates it with her sensual and glamorous maternity looks: it is in fact since the announcement of her pregnancy that she began to put her baby bump on display and today, despite the shapes have now become “explosive”, she continues to dare with crop tops and dresses transparent. In the latest photos of her posted on Instagram, however, she didn’t celebrate her motherhood. To attract the attention of her fans was her maxi turban with her ethnic style: that’s why she wore it, distorting her style.

Rihanna’s total white look

What better occasion than spring to follow the total white trend? This is exactly what Rihanna did in the new photos taken for the Fenty Beauty campaign, the cosmetics brand that bears her name of which she is the owner and testimonial of her. She wore a white knit top by Thebe Magugu, a model from the Alchemy Fall / Winter 2021-22 collection with a high neck and a detachable bralette that leaves the shoulders uncovered. To top it all off, she chose a matching maxi turban that helped highlight the dark burgundy lipstick that outlined her plump lips.

Thebe Magugu look, F / W 2021 collection

Thebe Magugu look, F / W 2021 collection

Rihanna paid tribute to Africa

Why did Rihanna complete the look with that maxi turban? She wanted to celebrate the success of her brand Fenty Beauty, which has finally arrived in Africa, a country where the headgear is not only iconic but also a symbol of identity and distinction. The entrepreneur herself revealed the important milestone: in the caption accompanying the “ethnic” shots she explained that her cosmetics collection has landed in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe. In short, Rihanna’s was a tribute to the folklore and tradition of the countries that “welcomed” her: could she ever have a sweeter and at the same time glamorous idea?

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