Bangs, which and how many types are there? How to find the most suitable one

You too happened to wake up suddenly thinking “I want to get my bangs!“And between the indecision whether to go to a hairdresser or make it yourself, did you put on your best scissors and gave us a clean cut? You will probably regret it soon after or, if you are one of the lucky ones, you have discovered your new style.

The fringe has i its pros and cons, it does not suit everyone, it emphasizes the features of the face by highlighting the eyes and cheekbones, covering small defects of the forehead or dampening an important profile. At the same time, it must always be kept clean and tidy, as well as periodically taken care of to maintain its shape.

To understand which is the most suitable fringe for your face, it is advisable to contact a professional who will study the features of your face in order to understand how to best enhance them. This way you will get it a simple and elegant accessory with which your hair will always be coiffed and in order.

Whether you are curly, smooth or wavy you can find the fringe that best suits your style, but let’s see which are the most used and who they look good on.

The straight bangs

standard smooth straight bangs

The classic straight and smooth bangs

This fringe is the most common and simple to make, if you have a little dexterity you can also try it yourself. Also known as maxi fringe, it is perfect on a natural smooth. Better if you have thick and thick hair, it will be easier for you to keep it in order and you will not have to take too many strands to cover your forehead. It is a fringe that looks great on elongated faces, prominent foreheads or if you have an aquiline nose. In fact, it covers a very large part of the face, shortening it and focusing attention on the cheekbones and eyes. The maxi fringe can be played down with a slightly wavy and lively hairstyle or made extremely elegant with a low crop.

It is the fringe that has also chosen the beautiful Taylor Swift, carried slightly moved on a long soft. On its elongated and thin oval it enhances the central part.

When not to do it: it is not recommended on a face with an important or square jaw as it tends to draw attention to the lower part of the face, furthermore if you have a small or short oval it could be heavy or too covering.

Messy style

messy climbed bangs

A fringe to be deliberately kept in disorder

This fringe requires a cheeky style, deliberately unkempt. It is perfect on smooth or wavy scaled hair and for those who love messy hairstyles. It does not need to be very precise, just a few hairs, a shorter gait in the middle and long frayed on the sides.

Very particular on dyed hair with a little regrowth and if you have a small face with little marked features. The disheveled hairstyles in fact enhance the sweetest faces giving a girlish air. You can decide to accompany it with a loose or a crop, braids or a high teased ponytail.

This remains one of my favorite fringes as well Penelope Cruz chooses to enhance it for the photo at the Palm Spring Festival 2022. Disinterestedly tousled hair and intense gaze.

When not to do it: if you have low volume hair, a round face or a broad forehead. Although it is simple to wear, not everyone is comfortable with disheveled hair and we do not want to end up with a perennial bed head, even when it is not suitable.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs straight brown hair

One of the most versatile and easy to wear fringes

Curtain bangs, so called because it involves a division into two parts that then fall softly on the sides, just like a curtain. It is one of the simplest to wear as it leaves a lot of styling freedom. You can leave it longer if you are not sure if it fits you well and, in case you do not like the result, bring it behind your ears or stop it with hairpins. It can easily turn into a tuft and often blends in with the rest of the hair. The ideal is to use it to enhance a layered cut or to give volume to hair that is often worn loose. Even if you have a habit of spicing them up often with your hands, the curtain bangs will naturally follow your rosettes taking the best turn to accompany your features.

In the picture Sienna Miller with her historic curtain fringe on blonde hair, chaotic and beautiful.

When not to do it: if you have very curly hair, a broad forehead or an elongated oval. In the first case it is easy for the result to be chaotic and unmanageable, while in the second you will only highlight the hairline point. The fringe that falls on the sides will cut part of your face vertically emphasizing its length.

Baby bang

short bangs on straight red hair

Short and decisive, for courageous personalities

Clear, angular and decisive the baby bang, or the very short bangs it adapts perfectly to faces with a strong personality, with particular traits. Enhance large eyes, a high cheekbone or plump lips. It is easily adaptable both to a long cut to give a more jaunty look, and to a short or a pixie cut.

Yes to uniform colors, a red, a black or a strong brown. It is also often seen on pastel colors, grays or platinum blondes. This type of bangs is suitable for slightly shortening an elongated face, while still leaving the oval free and bright. You can enhance it with special glasses or an elaborate eye make-up. A little pin-up style too, styled with headbands, bows or high and side crops.

Margaux Brookefamous actress and model with a thin and angular face, has chosen a strong baby bang on a dark brown that suits her a lot.

When not to do it: if you have wavy or curly hair, this is a fringe that must strictly remain attached to the face, in order and straight. A curly hair of this length is likely to become a small bush over the head. To be avoided even in the case of significant or degraded regrowth, the risk is to have the fringe of a different color in a short time than the rest of the hair.

Curly bangs

curly blonde bangs with ringlets

A beautiful curly and voluminous hair

Pay attention to the curly fringes, they are wonderful to frame the face in a soft and romantic way and they adapt to all types of oval, but they must be strictly made of the correct length. A cut that is too short is likely to get worse once the curls are styled or if they are particularly unruly. Similarly, too long a fringe can be unmanageable and boring. I recommend therefore, choose this type of hairstyle if you are very skilled in treating your curls and you find a cut that goes well with the shape you want to give to your bangs. Accompany your styling with products specially designed for curly hair such as moisturizing conditioners and foams to give body and definition.

Remember that it stays perfect on a loose, a short curl or a disheveled wavy. Less on tied hair which will emphasize its thickness.

Very young and one of the protagonists of the Netflix series that has depopulated in recent years, Mina El Hammani (Nadia in the movie) sports a hair of gorgeous shorter curls in front to frame her face.

When not to do it: if you have unruly, frizzy or afro curls the risk is to literally end up with straight hair. Cut it out on a soft curl, a wavy hair or a heavy and defined curl in order to make it easier to lay and fix.

The tuft

side tuft straight hair

Side tuft with shadow effect

Mysterious and swinging, the side tuft softens the more angular and squared features. Very nice on both very young and more mature faces, it partially hides the oval revealing an eye, the tip of the nose and the lips. You can make it sexy with a downy, a little messy hairstyle by letting it finish in the front or more delicately on a smooth behind the ear. It is important to know how to choose which side to do it, use it to enhance your best profile but watch out for the rosettes: if done on the wrong side it can become very complicated to make it stay in its place. Play with the lengths, choosing one that also allows you to fix it in part to change style according to the occasion.

Emma Marrone is the queen of the tuft. She has been wearing it for many years on a short, often disheveled cut. She reaches right under her chin, to soften the contours of her.

When not to: if you have thinning hair, high forehead or slightly protruding ears. The tuft needs to maintain volume, and being of an important length, you must feel free to be able to free your face when needed.

The fringe, regardless of its shape and length has several advantages and disadvantages with regards to handling and skin.

In fact, being always in close contact with the forehead, will tend to get dirty more easily, anointing himself. You can get into the habit of just washing her by leaning upside down in the sink or putting her back on dry shampoo.

It can also be useful to cover fine lines or imperfections on the forehead, but do not forget that on particularly problematic skin this haircut does not always help: it prevents the skin from “breathing” correctly, keeping the sebum always in close contact with the area. In addition, your hair products such as shampoo, conditioner or scented oils could sensitize or annoy.

If you have delicate or particularly oily skin, ask yourself if this is the best solution before taking the scissors. You can always opt for a super short fringe or a mega tuft to show only on occasions!

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