Amanda Seyfried was harassed after this scene from ‘Mean Girls’

14 years ago Amanda Seyfried rose to fame for her character of Karen Smith, the blonde, popular and silly girl in the movie “Mean girls” (“Mean girls”), a character that opened the door to more serious roles in Hollywood, However, a few days ago the actress revealed that one of the most remembered scenes of the film made her feel disgusted.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Seyfried reflected on how she was approached by male fans after the 2004 film.

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Towards the end of the movie starring Lindsay Lohan, her character predicts the weather using her breasts; Amanda recalled how men frequently asked her in public places if she was raining, waiting for her to touch her breasts.

“I always felt really grossed out by it,” she told Marie Claire.

“I was like 18 years old. He was disgusting », he confessed.

The hard part of being a famous young man

Also in the interview he talked about how complicated it was for someone his age to be exposed to so much spotlight and under public scrutiny.

“I think being famous (young) must really suck. It must make you feel completely insecure in the world. I see these younger actors who think they have to have security,” he added.

He also added about the expectations that are created by being a public figure at a young age.

“They think they have to have an assistant. They think their whole world has changed. It can get stressful. I have seen what has happened to my colleagues. So, I bought a farm. I thought, we’re going in the opposite direction,” she commented.

Although she was grateful that “Mean girls” had made her known, she also recognized that the complicated part came later, having to show that she was a true actress who could develop various types of characters.

“Mean girls put me on the map, really put my foot in the door. But being typecast was what you had to fight against. In 2004, she had to be very careful not to be just ‘the pretty blonde’. So at the beginning of my career, if I hadn’t done Big Love, I would have been Karen Smith.

“All the auditions I had for my first pilot season were as blonde friends. He wasn’t going to be the lead, because for some reason he didn’t fit into that. I don’t know what it was… Fortunately, I had opportunities that changed pretty quickly,” she shared.

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