Amanda Seyfried reveals the comments she received after Mean Girls

It has been 18 years since Amanda Seyfried rose to stardom after being one of the protagonists of heavy girls. The famous actress played Karen Smithone of the three Plastics that ended up captivating fans for their fun scenes.

However, not everything was so positive after the premiere of the film. Almost two decades since its launch, the actress reflected on the reaction to her character and the “disgusting” comments she received in interviews after the success of the film.

What did Amanda Seyfried say about Mean Girls?

When I was only 18 years old, Amanda Seyfried became one of the protagonists of Heavy Girls. Interpreting Karen Smiththe young actress landed her biggest role for that time, one that remains iconic to this day.

Unfortunately, also had to experience sexist comments firsthand by fans and the press. This was revealed in an interview with MarieClaire, where he referred to one of the most popular scenes of Mean Girls.

It is about the moment when Karen claims that she can predict the weather, because her breasts always tell her when it’s raining. She is later seen working as a meteorologist, where she uses what she calls her “fifth sense”.

As Amanda Seyfried explains, many asked her if it was already raining for this scene heavy girls, always referring to her breasts. “I always felt very grossed out by it. She was 18 years old. They were very gross”assured the actress.

“I think being famous when you’re really young sucks. Makes you feel completely insecure in the world“, continued the actress of Mean Girls in the revealing interview. Furthermore, he advised today’s young actors that do not trust that the world and the industry have changed and beware of media harassment.

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