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Throughout its history, WWE has modified the reactions of the public in many of its programs through sound editing. In recent years, this tactic has been on the rise, and it is common to hear reactions that clearly do not match the segment that is being broadcast. However, it seems that WWE has incorporated a new maneuver related to the reactions of the fans, and that is that in WrestleMania Backlash, used reactions from a 2012 RAW show for the promotional video of the fight between Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss.

In the video above, a well-known wrestling fan on social media, Brock Lesnar Guy, wanted to point out how WWE used the reaction of some fans to a John Cena segment in 2012, including himself, and how they incorporated it into the video. 2022 segment. For now, WWE has not decided to use this type of resource videos in the middle of the fights or the promos, but it is striking that the company decides to broadcast the reactions of ten years ago instead of selecting current material.

Apart from this, WWE also recently used some fan reactions that did not correspond to the segment in question in one of the episodes of the WWE Evil documentary series. for a Stephanie McMahon segment in 1999they selected some reaction planes of the 2005 Eddie Guerrero tribute episode.

It is unknown if WWE will continue with this formula in its future broadcasts, but the company has tried to have total control of everything they broadcast on television, including the natural reactions of the fans, for a long time.

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