WWE: Pat Buck reveals why he chose All Elite Wrestling

In a promo after his match against Joey Janela at WrestlePro, Pat Buck revealed why he left WWE after WrestleMania 38 to get to All Elite Wrestling and go back to being a professional wrestler. In the McMahon company he fulfilled the function of producer.

“Sometimes I make great decisions. Sometimes I make very bad decisions. I pay the bills,” Buck said of his decision. “Three years ago in this, in this very arena, which is also my school, I said goodbye to you for a great opportunity. Y I was blessed to be with WWE for three years as a producer., as an agent helping mobilize talent, being a part of moments I would never be a part of, but I missed this school so much. And I missed two of my families.”

“The first, my dear wife Lauren and with my baby. It was a tremendous experience, but we were on the road five or six days a week. Sometimes you have to put your priorities ahead of your loves.” The family’s estrangement from him was the hardest thing for Buck, so having them back around was a huge relief.

However, he missed the fans surrounding the ring much more: “My second family is the one that you are all part of. And that is the Wrestle Pro family, the Create-A-Pro family, of independent wrestling. And I am blessed to be a part of an even better opportunity for a place that respects and shows appreciation. And that is AEW for this family. Thank you Tony (Khan).”

That is the company I want to be part of And I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure independent wrestling is properly represented. I know there are many options tonight to go see other shows, “said Pat Buck about his new home: All Elite Wrestling.

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