WWE: Kurt Angle wants to be manager of Gable Steveson

During your podcast The Kurt Angle Showthe former WWE champion Kurt Angle revealed that he would like to be manager of the medalist gable steveson in his first steps in the company, but who would also like to team up with Chad Gable and emulate what he once had with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas.

“Do you know what I would like to do? I’d like to drive the Olympians. When Gable Steveson starts his career, he and Chad Gable they would be the new ‘Team Angle’. I would love to do that. And I already have the name for them: The Gables. Otis should be there too,” Angle recounted.

A few weeks ago, during WrestleMania 38, Steveson and Chad had an exchange of words in the ringand when the former NXT tag team champion was about to make his signature phrase, Steveson applied a tremendous suplex to end the segment.

Team Angle was the stable that led during January and February 2003, being Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin part of this team. The group was formed in WWE SmackDown and has faced figures such as Chris Benoit, Edge and even Brock Lesnar. However, after a fight in No Way Out 2003 before Lesnar and Benoit he has not had a fight again.

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