Warriors are one win away from the Conference Finals with Curry’s most unlikely play


Stephen Curry surprised with the most unlikely play to put the Golden State Warriors one win away from advancing to the Conference Finals in the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

Stephen Curry in Warriors vs.  grizzlies
© Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesStephen Curry in Warriors vs. grizzlies

It all started on the wrong foot Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs 2022 against the Memphis Grizzlies even though they received the news that Ja Morant could not play. If not for Stephen Curryanother would be the end of the story.

The 10 triples that the Warriors attempted in the first quarter against the Grizzlies were wrong and with seven losses on board, the mission began to come back from a game that seemed very difficult to win. Even, Curry only made one 3-pointer in six attempts. that he had at the end of the first half.

With the emotional momentum of the record that Stephen Curry achieved in the history of the Playoffs, the Golden State Warriors began to hit shots that in the first two quarters did not go anywhere near the hoop. The epic comeback was on its way.

After going more than 18 minutes without scoring a 3-pointer, the Warriors went on to lead Game 4 against the Memphis Grizzlies with 45.7 seconds left in the game and, as if that were not enough, fell behind a Western Conference Finals win for a play by Stephen Curry that few would have imagined.

Warriors are one win away from the Finals with Curry’s least thought play in the Playoffs

With the score 94 to 93 points in favor of the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry made a rebounding fence perfect and prevented the Memphis Grizzliez from grabbing a key rebound. There came the least thought play of the ‘Chef’, Steph sold the foul so well that they charged Desmond Bane with offense and started the point guard’s free throws that sealed Game 4. Victory by 101 to 98 and the Dubs are one win away from reaching the Western Conference Finals. The next semifinal game will be on Wednesday the 11th at 21:30 ET.

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