Vaseline to remove makeup: Jennifer Lopez’s secret trick for the skin

One of the cult beauty products that cannot be missing from our dressing table is Vaseline or petrolatum. And it is that the Vaseline to remove makeup and even to prolong the duration of the perfume it is very practical and effective, to the extent that its use extends from families to celebrities.

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Tyra Banks are faithful to this must have to make your beauty routine easier, and another of the celebrities we know have lined up for the Vaseline use it is Jennifer Lopez. Yes! And while it may seem like he’s using it to make her face look highly moisturized and luminous, he actually applies it in a way you wouldn’t imagine (but it works). Find out the details!

This is how Jennifer Lopez uses Vaseline on her skin

Our dear goddess of glow, Jennifer Lopezsurprisingly takes advantage of the benefits of Vaseline in your routine skin care (or at least I did before JLo Beauty). According to sources like AND! On-linethe actress uses it to remove makeup and we are not surprised!

Removing makeup is a surefire step in JLo’s skincare routine for beautiful skin.

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It has been shown that Vaseline is highly effective for remove makeup and, according to an article in The Journal of Emergency Medicine, it is even safe for the eye area. The text indicates that petrolatum or Vaseline (which are basically the same thing) is ‘a safe, comfortable and effective means of ocular ultrasound examination’, so it does not irritate your eyes. Of course, we do not recommend that you have contact inside them, only on the skin.

We still don’t know if this is a current home trick of the ‘On The Floor’ singer, if she practices it sporadically, or if it’s part of her past now that shows she mainly does her cleaning. with JLo Beauty productsher beauty brand, but we know she tried it and several trusted sources approve of it.

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