UAQ presents program to patients with cleft lip and palate

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The Faculty of Medicine (FM), of the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ), reported that after 8 months of the Care Program for patients with cleft lip and palate, support has been provided to 12 minors from Querétaro, Mexico and Guanajuato and another 9 children from Tolimán will be added, one of the municipalities, which together with Amealco, present a higher incidence of this common birth condition.

The program “Txede de Maxei” (Smile of Querétaro), provides medical and surgical care, non-profit, children of all ages with this condition.

Teresa García Gasca, rector of the entity’s Highest House of Studies, congratulated and recognized the work team. “We are going to make a commitment so that next year the operating room is built for this project and for what is required. It is not something that will end in management, the University transcends”.

On his occasion, Roberto Peña Ruiz, coordinator of “Txede de Maxei”, He highlighted the work carried out through the University.

“This continues and will continue to grow, today we celebrate these children, who if they have learned anything is to smile at life no matter how difficult it may seem, you deserve everything, we are the ones who are grateful today. In this great team that we make up, we are believers that in their happiness we find our own, that the only achievement we have is to see them grow and most likely being part of this student community. This project is here to stay and only united will we become an effective, dynamic and responsive workforce”, he assured.

María de Lourdes Arvizu Valencia, coordinator of the Specialty in Orthodontics, highlighted that “it is a project that we began approximately eight months ago temporarily in the Orthodontics program and today it is a reality, we began to seek support and direct communication with the Santiago Hospital from Querétaro, which opened its doors to us; and Txede de Maxei is the name we decided to give the foundation, its meaning is Smile of Querétaro in Otomí, the indigenous language used in Amealco, where there is the largest number of patients with this condition in the region. To all those who make it possible, thank you very much for your dedication, we are going for much more”.


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