The photo of the historic party at the Overlook Hotel turns 100

On July 4, while the United States celebrated a new anniversary of its independence, a photo of Jack Nicholson in The glow (1980) went viral. The image responds to the end of the tape directed by Stanley Kubrick and shows Jack Torrance -his character- smiling in the middle of a crowd dressed in full dress for a party held at the Overlook Hotel. This image dates from July 4, 1921, many years before the character of Jack arrives at the hotel.

Let’s remember that The glow -based on the novel by Stephen King– revolves around Torrance, a man who moves with his wife and young son to the aforementioned Overlook Hotel (Colorado) to take care of the maintenance of the facilities of the place during the winter season, a time when it remains closed and isolated by the snow. There, while he begins to suffer from personality disorders, strange paranormal phenomena take place.

Although Nicholson’s character dies towards the end of the film, the photograph has sparked much speculation about him, as while some believe that his soul has been dragged into the hotel with the ghosts, others believe that Torrance is a reincarnation of the spirit of the caretaker. Although these are just theories, Kubrick had already referred to this topic: “The photograph of the ballroom at the end suggests the reincarnation of Jack”, he expressed in Kubrick: The Definitive Edition by Michel Climent.

Many fans of the film took to social media to remember that this July 4 would mark the 100th anniversary of the party. represented in said photo and expressed their opinions on Twitter regarding the popular visual.

Among the theories that flooded the networks these days, one suggests that Torrance was not the only person who had a history with said hotel: “I always thought that each person was a victim of the hotel. The hotel hosted a lot of people!” For its part, another expressed that Torrance was “tied to the eternal violent history of the hotel.”

Additionally, another made the observation that Torrance was striking a pose reminiscent of the devil in the Rider-Waite tarot deck. look at the end of The glow then:

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