Selena Gómez: “I don’t think it’s necessary to have many friends… to be ‘cool'”

About to release a quarter of the animated film “Transylvania hotel” (Amazon Prime Video), this coming January 14, Selena Gomez shares with the media her feelings about what giving voice to the character of “Mavis” has meant to her since she was 19 years oldwhen the saga began back in 2012, and how it resembles her.

“It has been a pleasure to do this character while growing up, I have been doing it for so long (ten years). When I started I was in a different moment of my life, so it’s been wonderful growing up with this character. ‘Mavis’ is definitely strong, and she doesn’t continually push herself to be big, and she’s always caring and that’s my personality too.

“I always want things to work well and I understand what it is to have differences with relatives and that kind of thing like that. I like that we’re playing real stuff, but in a crazy way, it’s fun.“.

They are wonderful outsiders, so what would be your advice for those people who don’t feel like they don’t fit in, and suffer trying to be like everyone else…
I think it is a challenge. Every day you wake up and there are times when you can’t choose, you feel like this (that you don’t fit in).

“It helps me to take time and take a break from social media from time to time. And you have to enjoy being in the present with yourself from time to time, but I don’t think it’s necessary to have many friends or many people around you to be ‘cool’, because for example, I have four friends and I think we are the coolest.”

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are declared friends. /Instagram

What is it like working with Andy Samberg, (Jonathan, his partner in the film)?
I remember being excited to meet Andy because I grew up watching “SNL” and I have to say the first time we sat down to talk together he made it so easy and fun and helps me relax in interviews and feel a little bit normal.

“Also it protects me and I won’t forget that because they asked me a question related to couples and I don’t answer those questions and Andy answered it for me, so I loved it!”

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