Rihanna and ASAP Rocky: How does infidelity affect a pregnant woman?

Although they are a few weeks away from becoming parents, the media assure that ASAP Rocky has been unfaithful to Rihanna and the singer has ended the relationship they had had since 2020.

Apparently, the Barbadian singer broke up with the rapper after learning he was cheating on her with Fenty (Riahnna’s company) designer Amina Muaddi.

In social networks, the comments did not wait. “If they do this to Rihanna herself, what can the rest of us expect?”, “How must you be to cheat on your girlfriend when she is pregnant”, “no one is safe from cheating. Not even the goddesses,” were some of the comments they made about ASAP Rocky’s alleged infidelity.

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Rihanna’s pregnancy is in the last trimester, when the baby is already fully formed, its sex is known and it is on track to be born.

For mothers, facing an infidelity in full pregnancy is a very strong emotional blow due to the betrayal of the couple and the scorn, added to the humiliation that many women feel. However, it is important to clarify that they are not responsible for the infidelity at all, this is a matter of who does it, in this case the rapper ASAP Rocky.

A separation during pregnancy occurs, in most cases, because the man cannot accept all the hormonal and physical changes that the woman must assume during this stage, according to Luis Alberto Cáceres, gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Some of them cry, they become more sensitive than normal and even have depression and anxiety, something that their partners are unable to tolerate, they clash with their temperament and cannot stand it.

On a physiological level, what can happen is that the mother presents a picture of emotional stress that triggers the release of large amounts of cortisol, a hormone that, in turn, stimulates the production of prolactin, another hormone that can trigger premature labor.

Baby captures all the emotions of his pregnant mother

Now, it is important to reiterate that among the consequences that a separation or divorce can generate towards the end of pregnancy is that the mother has hypertension or gestational diabetes, a product of the emotional stress to which she will be exposed. At this stage all women must be faced with changes in their moods.

Who is saved from sadness? From a fight? From a stress attack? No one! However, it is worth clarifying that all the emotions that the mother feels are captured by her son. It is the duty of mothers to balance them with positive emotions, demonstrations of affection, affection, good disposition, positive attitude and smiles. As long as an environment of affection and love is fostered, the child will grow up emotionally healthy.

After an infidelity, breaking up is painful but liberating

Although it is known that it is very painful to face a love breakup, the matter worsens when it happens in full pregnancy. But you should know that this can happen for various reasons: incompatibility of characters, infidelity, economic issues, alcoholism problems, physical and verbal aggression, among many other reasons.

Although not frequent, there are women who require psychiatric management during pregnancy. The reason for consultation is that together with their partners they do not know how to handle the situation.

The main advice for couples is to avoid fights during pregnancy, since all the emotions experienced by the mother will be transmitted to her little one.

According to Dr. Carolina Molina, a psychologist, “a separation is a critical event of high stress for the people who experience it, especially during pregnancy, so it is important that the woman, who feels in charge of the baby, is accompanied and with great support from his family and friends.

In fact, for the doctor, although the separation implies a painful act, added to pregnancy, there are studies that show that for many women divorce does not mean sadness but a kind of relief, especially when there was domestic violence, aggression and addictive behaviors of part of the man. Not counting on the partner to educate their children can be positive economically, morally and spiritually, in those specific cases.

In them, the separation can mean a moment of courage to end their relationship and, later, have a better expectation to raise their children alone.

It is key that the woman faces this moment of her life with a good attitude. One option is to focus on her personal resources, recognize her abilities and strengths to avoid falling into alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, aggression, depression or suicide.

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