Moon Knight, review of season 1. Quirky, adventurous and somewhat irregular

Scarlet Witch and Vision, the first Marvel Studios series for Disney +, surprised viewers with its particular narrative structure. Moon Knight, the most recent, explores other unconventional paths: it takes advantage of the absence of the UCM characters to offer a more risky product, where the directors and screenwriters have experimented with different genres and themes. It has not yet been confirmed if there will be a second season, although the end of the miniseries gives rise to the story continues.

A brilliant Oscar Isaac plays two very different characters, who nevertheless share the same body. Steven Grant works in an archeology museum shop when he begins to suffer. unexplained hallucinations. His co-workers watch his behavior with suspicion and think that he has gone crazy. Apparently, he suffers from a personality disorder, as he hears the voice of Marc Spector, a mercenary who wandered the ancient ruins of Egypt as the corporeal form of a god from the past.

Mental health, one of the main topics

One of the most compelling elements of Moon Knight is the interaction between Steven and Marc, an internal dialogue that reflects two completely different personalities, a bit like Sméagol and Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, but without the dichotomy of personalities meaning that one is the “good” part and the other is the “bad” part. They are two people with their particular thoughts and ideas (perhaps that’s why they collide so much). In the background, Marvel Studios touches on the problem of mental health, an issue that society tends to hide and stigmatize, despite the fact that millions of people suffer from illnesses of this type. Grant himself wonders if he is sane or not, a line of reflection that is transferred to the viewer.

When Marc Spector appears in his life, all kinds of misfortunes begin to happen. Suddenly, he finds himself involved in a most unlikely adventure: He is pursued by an organization whose goal is to resurrect Ammit., an Egyptian goddess who has been locked up for thousands of years. Marc is the avatar of the god Khonsu, which means that Steven also inherits that heavy burden. Using divine powers, Moon Knight emerges as a protective paladin, although his role as a superhero varies greatly from other Marvel characters.

moon knight

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight.

Mix of genres and a plot that deflates at the end

In one of the sequences of the series, Steven Grant stars in a spectacular car chase, in which he not only has to drive, but also defend himself with a gun. It almost looks like a James Bond movie. if i didn’t drive an ice cream truck, a hilarious parody that sets the tone for the entire series: lots of humor without forgetting the drama, action and adventure.

Since we start to compare, the new Marvel Studios has a lot of Indiana Jones. Its mythological background takes us through exotic Egyptian tombs and hieroglyphic ruins, but as in the case of the film by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, the historical themes dissolve into fantasy. Pure and hard adventure in a universe where the gods take material form. It is at this point that the directors give free rein to the fantastic universe: anthropomorphic goddesses with crocodile faces or hippopotamus aspects designed in CGI make an appearance, not to mention Konshu and her cadaverous face.

Moon Knight, review

The darkest moments are also noteworthy, since the production acquires in certain sequences a tone of thriller and suspense that flirts with terror. The use of lighting, the appearance of monsters and the mix of personalities builds very powerful visual scenes, which contrast with the colorful aspect of the most purely fantasy moments.

Moon Knight has a pacing problem, which becomes apparent especially from the second half of the series. The plot premise and everything surrounding the production works, but the development of the narrative threads is a bit chaotic, a hodgepodge of characters and situations that don’t quite fit in with the general vision. In addition, the antagonist has not convinced us: Harrow (Ethan Hawke) lacks forcefulness and charisma.

Moon Knight, review

Despite being an irregular series, Moon Knight is very worthwhile, especially for those who want to enjoy a Marvel Studios product that is not connected to any of the films and series of the Cinematic Universe. Fun, at times frenetic, the first season will fly byeven with its buts.

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