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This Wednesday we have for you information about the celebration of 25 years of Pokémon, the postage stamp with an illustration of Greta Thunberg, a new video game by starwarsand more.

Pokémon will celebrate its 25th anniversary alongside Katy Perry

Katy Perry will be part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of Pokémon.

The American singer will participate with a musical piece, of which Perry released a small preview of what this artistic fusion will be on her social networks.

“Where you were directly affects where you are now… I mean… I can’t believe I used to trade my POGS for @Pokemon cards at lunch in high school and now I get to be a part of the #pokemon25 celebration… let’s just say I feel pretty️electric️ about that,” the pop singer wrote.

The Pokémon franchise turns a quarter-century this year, on February 27, when the Pokémon Red and Green games launched in 1996 in Japan.

“There can be no party without a playlist, and no playlist is complete without Katy Perry,” says the official Pokémon Instagram account.

In addition, the Pokémon P25 music festival will be held, in which great international stars, such as Katy Perry, will participate.

Sweden dedicates postage stamp to environmentalist Greta Thunberg

Sweden will dedicate a postage stamp to Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg. The stamp will go into circulation Thursday and will be part of a series focused on the environment.

The images on the stamps “must reflect our time, when the environmental issue has been relevant and present for many years, including in the powerful voice of Greta Thunberg,” the Swedish post company Postnord said in a statement.

Thunberg’s stamp, with its characteristic yellow raincoat and wind-tossed braid, is part of a series of five postage stamps with the theme “valuable nature”. They cost 12 kroner ($1.40) each and are illustrated by Swedish artist Henning Trollback.

Thunberg, who just turned 18, gained fame with her solitary protests outside Parliament in Stockholm that began on August 20, 2018.

Students in various countries around the world began to follow her example with large protests, and she was invited to speak at political and business forums.

Thunberg’s frank words to heads of state and government, peppered with scientific data on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, have earned her praise and accolades, but also criticism and even death threats.

Duchess of York to publish historical romance novel

Sarah, the Duchess of York, has agreed to publish her first book, a historical romance novel inspired by the life and loves of her great-great-great grandmother.

In a promotional video posted on her Twitter account Wednesday, the Duchess formerly known as Sarah Ferguson said the novel, titled ‘Her Heart for a Compass, is set in Victorian times and is about “dare to follow your heart through despite adversity.”

The Duchess wore Victorian-style clothing in the video and described her heroine as strong, rebellious and brave.

Mills & Boon, a romance imprint of British publisher Harlequin UK, said the story is based on Sarah’s predecessor, Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott, who fled an arranged marriage and “the restrictions of society”.

The duchess said she also drew on “a lot of parallels from my own life” for the love story.

Sarah was previously married to Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s third son, but the couple divorced in the 1990s. The Duchess has previously published her memoirs and is the author of several children’s books.

His novel, co-written with author Marguerite Kaye, will be published in August.

Ubisoft is making a Star Wars game

Ubisoft Entertainment said it will develop a new game of starwarsindicating that Electronic Arts’ exclusivity agreement on the Walt Disney franchise will come to an end.

The new Star Wars title will be the first not released by EA since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012. The news caused shares of the two game companies to diverge on Wednesday. Ubisoft rose more than 7 percent and EA fell as much as 3.2 percent.

The deal with EA is scheduled to expire in 2023. In an emailed statement, EA said: “We are proud of our long-standing collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, which will continue for years to come.” Lucasfilm said in a blog post Wednesday morning that it had “several projects in the works” with EA. A Ubisoft representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ubisoft only said that its game will be set in an open world environment and will be developed by the company’s Massive Entertainment team in Sweden, best known for a series of shooters called Tom Clancy’s The Division. The group is also working on a game based on the movies. Avatar by James Cameron.

With information from Bloomberg and AP

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