Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister “likes” the Instagram post stating that he should have joined Man City

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro liked an Instagram post stating that her brother should have joined Manchester City before refusing to move to Etihad to join Manchester United last summer.

United experienced their worst season since the 2013/14 season under David Moyes. And the Portuguese star has often shown his side frustrated on the pitch this season, despite the fact that he did well personally.

In his 30 league appearances for the team, Ronaldo has scored 18 goals, but Ralf Rangnick’s side have just taken 58 points in 37 games. Their hope of playing in the Champions League next season falls apart after their recent 4-0 defeat to Brighton. It has now been five years since the Old Trafford company claimed a silver piece.

The Red Devils will compete in the Europa League next season, a competition Ronaldo is not used to. He hasn’t played in the European tournament since he was a teenager with Sporting Lisbon, before moving to Old Trafford in 2003.

The 37-year-old joined Italian giants Juventus last summer when he completed the £ 12.85m move on a two-year contract. But uncertain about his future after just a year at Old Trafford with the imminent arrival of Erik ten Hag, his sister who boasts 1.2 million followers on Instagram, believes he should have joined City rivals after appreciating. a post from a popular Portuguese fan account called @ cr7.o_lendario.

The Instagram post in Portuguese translates to: “It is very sad to see Cristiano Ronaldo in this situation with Manchester United. We all thought that being at Juventus was the greatest suffering and now United are left without Champions. [League]. This Manchester United team have been so poor it seems Juventus weren’t that bad, but they were. In my opinion Cristiano should not remain as “proof of love for the club”. The greatest proof of love has been his return to Manchester United despite him having received a proposal from Manchester City who is clearly a superior team, manager and recent history.

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Katia Aveiro liked a post suggesting that Cristiano Ronaldo should leave United

Katia Aveiro liked a post suggesting that Cristiano Ronaldo should leave United

“But he decided to choose [United] with his heart and gave everything for the club, as he did with all the clubs he represented in his career. And for Manchester he had the desire to achieve something given how much he is adored by the fans.

“Cristiano now has to think about Cristiano. Manchester United will last another thousand years. Cristiano, you have another four, five years of career. Look for a better team now because you deserve it and because you still have a lot of football [trophies] win.”

Despite uncertainty about his immediate future, the 37-year-old has already made up his mind as a source told The Sun: “Ronaldo has told the players he won’t go anywhere unless the club says he doesn’t want him. No one is more disappointed than him with how the season turned out.

“But he doesn’t want to start with the minimum and he wants to help the club get the club back into the Champions League and try to win a trophy next year. However, he told them if the new manager wants to go in a different direction, then he will have no hard feelings and no regrets for returning to Old Trafford. “

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