Camila Cabello will perform at the Champions League final in Paris

the american artist Camila Cabello will be in charge of acting in the Champions League final, to be held in Paris on May 28 and in which Real Madrid and Liverpool will play for the title. A pride for the artist, as she herself has recognized in her social networks.

Thus, the American artist will open one of the most important and anticipated sporting events of the year, in which two of the most important football clubs in the world will fight for the European title. In the case of achieving it, for Real Madrid, it would be their 14th Champions League, while for Liverpool, it would be their 7th.

Every season, there is an artist in charge of performing in the Champions League finalemulating the American SuperBowl show, and this year, it will be Camila Cabello’s turn. The American artist is sweeping the entire planet with her new album, ‘Familia’, and is expected to put on a great show before the match.

«I am excited to announce that I will be performing at the final of the Champions League Final Opening Ceremony, presented by @PepsiGlobal #PepsiShow. I have many surprises in store for you», Wrote the American artist on her Twitter account after the news was released.

On the other hand, through its social networks, UEFA has announced that Camila Cabello will perform a performance that will last around five minutes and whose theme will be the carnival. A very festive theme around which the show will revolve, while the artist performs some of the songs included on her latest album, ‘Familia’, accompanied by an exhibition of costumes, dancers and musicians, before the start of the game.

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