Camila Cabello declares herself an admirer of Selena Gómez

Camilla Cabello declared herself an admirer of Selena Gomez and all her work, but beyond her excellent voice and what a good actress she is, Camila highlighted Selena’s social work, whom she said is “a person with great values” to emulate and should not be missed. trace of it.

In an interview for People, Camila Cabello, 25, opened up about her ‘ever-present struggle’ with body image under the microscope of celebrity and how she prioritizes her mental health, a task that Selena Gomez has been in charge of defending for years.

Cabello has been open about her struggles with anxiety and body image and recently revealed that she has undergone extensive therapy to accept herself, but also noted that Selene herself has been accompanying her on this road to salvation and the self-love.

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She (Selena Gomez) is super empathetic, loyal and honest. We have our own small group, we hang out and all of our conversations are real. I feel like she’s never faking it, and I don’t feel like I have to fake it around her. Those are the most worthwhile friendships.”

Selena Gomez, 29 years oldhas put her mental health and wellness center stage throughout her career and recently launched the Wondermind website, which offers free content backed by mental health experts, who campaign extensively for the ‘body positive’.

Last month, Cabello got real about her mental health struggles during an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 and revealed that his anxiety kept him from “functioning” when he started working on his latest album Familia, but now he’s finally released the fight and feels great.

“For a while, it was a couple of months where I didn’t go back into the studio. I was just doing therapy. ‘It literally wasn’t working. I felt unable to work. And I found a therapist that everything they said really resonated with me. And part of One of that healing was going into the studio and saying, ‘I’m not going to do it if it’s not fun. It’s not going to be a performance. I can’t stand it. I literally won’t do it.”

He also talked about foster care at the time: “My anxiety became something that did not allow me to function, that isolated me. What I was so desperately looking for, whether it came from me in the studio or not, was connection and being seen. And that’s why, for me, it was so important to be with people. Don’t forget the music.”

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“It really came down to, aside from being an artist, what we’re all looking for, which is connection with other people. And I think sometimes mental health stuff can make you isolate yourself., and then that isolation makes your mental health a lot worse. And it’s kind of like this vicious circle,” she concluded.

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