Aitana will act as Ana Guerra for Netflix. Rumors have it that HBO will propose to be Thalía Garrido.

Aitana is now a renowned actress: after filming her project for Disney+, has ventured with another to Netflix where not only will he bring out his best acting ability, but he will also have to imitate the character whose biopic he has been commissioned without falling into parody: Anne War.

Indeed, Aitana will be Anne War in the new movie Netflix, like meryl streep It was Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Iron Lady’just like meryl streep It was Katharine Graham in ‘The Post’ either meryl streep It was Anna Wintour in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Or when he did Little girl in ‘Mamma Mia’, his most complicated role because Little girl he never wore his hair as long as it does in the film: what a blunder of characterization. Plus neither she nor she bothered to give him a Catalan accent. So, with such a curriculum, it is clear that Aitana will do much better than Anne War.

That at this point, you will be thinking if it is going to be your turn to review the moments prior to the performance of sax, if what you are going to review is what I take to Ana to announce lipstick with a black and white filter or if the chosen moment of the biopic is that in which Ana believes that being a success in Ecuador when los40 he has it at #20. Well, none of them really: Netflix will put the focus on the current battle that War has with his neighbor for playing the piano. He has made it known in a video in which they have put Aitana the wig of a blackpink and the beret of ‘Emilia in Villaverde Alto’.

With such success it is not surprising that Aitana incessant offers arrive before the release of her third studio album: according to completely unfounded rumors and possibly narrated in an audiobook by the very same Marta RiescoHBO would have contacted Aitana to negotiate participate in ‘I want to be me: the true story of Thalía Garrido’.

For its part, Prime Video I would have suggested telling the story of Delta, the group that Lola Indigo, Agoney, Raoul and Nerea they were going to form before the solo success of Lola and the solitaire success of Windows XP from the rest. According to information, Aitana I would play the roles of all of them in the film, although agoney would have insisted a lot that his dubbing be carried out after Monica Orange. Monica would have agreed only if Aitana played his role during the 25th anniversary of ‘Bad Girls’.

Undoubtedly, a time of incessant interpretive work to Aitana. But if he has managed to sneak us in, he’s not up to the task Andrew Torres Y Mauricio Rengifo for an entire five years, can make us believe anything.

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