Acne scars, a new device helps eliminate them

Acne scars, a new device to eliminate them

The movement of Acne Positivity boasts its champions – from Kendall Jenner to Bella Thorne, through Millie Bobby Brown to our Matilda De Angelis and Aurora Ramazzotti – and is helping a lot to convince how much it is normal to have imperfect skin and that acne and pimples are not a shame but a blemish to be addressed with the right measures.

“Often even the scars of acne in the past and healed can be a problem because it leaves marks on the skin that are not experienced positively, as unsightly and not easy to hide”, he explains Simona Laura, aesthetic doctor in Imperia, Sanremo and Rome. “Today, fortunately, there are many therapies to follow: first of all it is important to take care already in the active phase under dermatological control with topical or oral drugs that can attenuate the manifestation of acne and, therefore, its outcomes. But also aesthetic medicine has many arrows in its bow proposing solutions such as laser, or peeling and new technologies more and more avant-garde “.

One of the most accredited, despite being recent, is Biodermogenesis, developed in Italy, initially to treat stretch marks, but which has also reported excellent results for this purpose. “It combines three functions together for the first time, which have already been exploited individually in medicine,” continues the specialist. “The first is the vacuum which favors the reactivation of the skin microcirculation; the second are i electromagnetic fields, capable of promoting oxygenation; the third, the electrical stimulation, to convey the active ingredients and enhance the production of collagen “. In acneic skin Biodermogenesis also brings another advantage: reduces sebum production and stimulates skin hydration, both of which are not negligible elements for a type of skin like this. “The regeneration of the tissue improves the appearance of the scar same: it makes it less evident and also the color becomes similar to the surrounding area ”, adds the expert. “The treatment can be performed even in summer because it is not photosensitizing: on the contrary, the treated part tans like the rest of the face, although of course the sun protection should not be neglected. It is a method that has no side effects or downtime, it favors the synthesis of elastic fibers, thus making the skin texture more compact “.

The psychological impact is surprising: the patient immediately sees smoother and smoother skin. Apart from the signs due to acne, Biodermogenesis is indicated to treat scars in general: on 20 April it was presented to the Chamber of Deputies Regenerates Dermaa project employing this methodology e involves Telefono Rosa and the University of Verona to offer free therapies for five hundred women who have suffered violence and face injuries. “They are destabilizing and often create negative psychological consequences”, adds Andrea Sbarbati, director of the Department of Neurological Sciences of the University of Verona. “It is great news to know that they can be treated satisfactorily with an effective and non-invasive technique.”

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