A total fanatic! Ariana Grande looks forward to a particular date

UNITED STATES. – Ariana Grande uploaded a series of photos where she is seen posing in a brown dress. But what caught the attention of the fans the most is that the singer added to the publication an image referring to a popular party in her country. We talk about Halloween; is that when autumn approaches, celebrities start planning their costumes.

It is one of the favorite celebrations for the singer, since she even usually decorates her house with a horror theme. With just a few days to go before fall, Ariana has already announced that she plans to be in mode Halloween autumn until December. It is that in addition to the costumes, the date also recalls parts of the classic customs of that country. “All Hallow’s Eve”also known as Halloween, has very nice traditions.

According to ancient beliefs, on that day the spirits of the deceased returned to earth to visit their loved ones. But along with them also came some not very friendly souls, so people dressed up as monsters to scare them away. From there comes the custom of dressing up as terrifying beings, and now it has almost become a celebration of horror genre.

Instagram: Ariana Grande

Ariana Big He already wants the fun date to arrive so he can take out some of his best clothes and create a great costume. His fans told him that they are also counting the days until the arrival of october to be able to start decorating their houses. What is not known is if this year celebrations can be held like the ones that used to be made before the coronavirus pandemic.

Although several of the restrictions have been lifted in USA, a night like Halloween can create many problems in terms of contagion. Above all, because the northern country is being hit by the delta variant. For now Ariana Grande you can only sit and wait for the date to arrive.

Instagram: Ariana Grande

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