Chivas, for his gift on his birthday; in Puebla and the unprecedented party

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East Sunday will meet the Last two guests to the Clausura 2022 Quarterfinalsthe celebrated Chivas receives the Pumas and the Puebla does the same with a history Mazatlan FC.

The Club Guadalajara seeks to continue in an ascending plan and get into the fight for the title, he does it right in his birthday 116 and in a week where he gave great news with the renewal of his best player: Ernesto Alexis Vega.

The 10 of the Sacred Flock renewed until 2024 and already sent the notice that goes for the title with the rojiblanco boxso this playoff will be very important for the people of Guadalajara before a UNAM cadre that arrives tired and beaten for having lost the Final of the Concachampions against the Seattle Sounders.

At 7:15 p.m. this duel will take place that will take the last guest to the Liguilla.

Chivas is local, it is favorite since with Ricardo Cadena in charge as interim DT there are four duels and four victories. As long as Pumas enters a field where it is difficultand in the regular phase fell 3-1.

In the history of the Final Phase, it will be the 11th match, there are 3 wins per side and 4 draws, so a very close duel is expected.

There will be a very good entrance at the Akron, since most of the tickets are reportedly sold.

duel of brothers

By the time this duel starts, Puebla will have already been played against Mazatlán FC, agreed to be played at 5:00 p.m. at the Cuauhtémoc Stadium.

This match has no history in the Final Phase, since the gunboats It is the first time that they are classifiedfor this Clausura 2022 they did it in the 12th place and saving himself from paying the 33 million pesos by the fine of the quotient table.

They barely met in the Matchday 17 and there the victory was for the Sinaloans by 2-1; Today things are different, since La Franja was not satisfied with not qualifying directly.

This is a duel of brothers, and as always, one wants to be the spoiled one.

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