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Given the protest of animal protection groups for the use of dogs in surgical practices, the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua decided to suspend these practices while the investigation for alleged animal abuse is completed.

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Animal brutality practices allegedly committed by members of said academic unit were denounced through social networks. The situation outraged society and members of animal defense groups demonstrated at the academic center’s facilities to demand the cessation of practices.

For his part, Dr. Luis Carlos Hinojos Gallardo, director of the Faculty of Medicine, reported that after becoming aware of the alleged mistreatment, he decided to file a complaint with the University Rights Ombudsman, so that if there is any negligence, it will be sanctioned.

It was spread on social networks that the veterinarian allegedly whipped a puppy against the iron, and then stabbed him, alive they extracted his organs. In the same way, some students accused that these practices would continue, so they called for the massacre to stop. It is assumed that the dog was stabbed and then sutured, as part of the practice.

With banners in hand where you could read “No more practices with dogs”, “We come for the dogs and we will not leave without them”.

The members of street animal rescue mentioned that the behaviors indicated can be sanctioned, according to the Animal Welfare Law that is in force in the state, where the use of animals for research and teaching purposes is foreseen.

They spoke out for the use of simulators and avoiding the suffering of animals.

Dr. Hinojos Gallardo attended the protesters, to whom he explained that the faculty has all the necessary permits for the use of animals, which are provided by the Antirabies, since they are dogs that are on the execution list for the next day. They are regularly very sick dogs.

The academic unit has an Internal Committee for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (CICUAL), whose purpose is to regulate, authorize and evaluate that the care and use of laboratory animals of the Faculty of Medicine for research purposes, tests and/or teaching, is appropriate in accordance with the provisions of NOM-062-ZOO-1999. This is regulated by Sader, formerly Sagarpa. There is also a Sader-certified animal center, as well as a veterinarian.

The use of dogs for the subject of Surgical Techniques Practices is essential for the training of the doctor, since they learn to handle medical instruments, suture, perform hemostasis, which is to stop bleeding, however, he pointed out that mistreatment is not allowed. , so the corresponding investigation was initiated after the complaint.

It was agreed with the protective associations to suspend the practices pending the completion of the investigation. In the same way, hold work meetings to support the academic unit with extra training for students and teachers on the animal welfare law and sensitize them in handling and care.

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The position of the faculty is to adhere to the regulations, “Mistreatment is not acceptable, we must investigate, if it happened, punish whoever has done it, be it students, administrators or teachers.”

The associations were asked for their support to provide a shelter for the seven dogs that the animal center has, including a female dog that gave birth in the unit and has been cared for.

Some of the specimens were taken away, others are being sought with the Ministry of Health to be allowed to return them to the Antirabies, because although they have croquettes and a roof, they cannot remain long in the temporary shelter.

In turn, the protection groups proposed that the students participate in the sterilization days or campaigns, where they can practice suturing and support a noble cause.

Next week they will meet again.

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