Kun Agüero shared Messi’s incredible reaction to Benzema’s goal

The former Manchester City figure shared the message he received from Messi after Benzema’s goal during the match broadcast.

Sergio ‘Kun’ Aguero revealed the message Leo Messi sent him on Wednesday after the third goal of the real Madrid before him Manchester City in the semi-final second leg of the UEFA champions league at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

On the live stream for ESPN in Argentina of the party and linked with Carlos Tevezthe Argentine ex-striker shared the incredulity of Messi after Karim Benzema he scored the penalty with which they qualified for the final of the most important club tournament in the world.

“Stop screwing around, asshole. It can’t be”, read the ‘Kun’ live before thousands of spectators who followed the reactions of the South American ex-arriete through Star+.

Furthermore, the same ‘Apache’ Tevez did not give credit to what happened on the field of the merengue team, because they did not think that the real Madrid could get up after trailing 3-5 on aggregate until the 89th minute of the second leg.

In addition, another of the epic moments of the ‘Kun Aguero this Wednesday was when he said high-sounding words live on the broadcast of ESPN in Argentina, since he said it was not worth going to Paris for the final of the UEFA champions league.

“The way the result is, I’m not going to Paris, idiot. And what am I going to see? real Madrid and to Liverpool? I f*** the p*** good. Sorry I forgot I’m on stream. I thought I was telling you,” he said. ‘Kun Aguero in the talk with Tévez, who laughed after his friend’s misstep.

The moment went viral and people took the reaction of “Kun” with good humor, who is one of the greatest figures in the history of Manchester City. While some mocked him for his Citizen past, others echoed his words and took him in good humor.

‘Kun’ Agüero is known for his sense of humor when he is live, since he is one of the great stars of a streaming platform.

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