Elon Musk threatens to charge Twitter to governments and companies; “I pay for it, just get rid of the spam”: Salinas

South African businessman Elon Muskmentioned on social networks about a possible cost in Twitter “for government and business users.”

Through his Twitter account, the owner of Tesla assured that the social network will always be free for “casual users”; however, he questioned another sector.

“Twitter will always be free for casual users, but may come at a small cost for business/government users,” wrote the founder of SpaceX.

“I’ll pay for it, just get rid of the spam”

Businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego He said he’d pay if he got rid of the spam.

“I’ll pay for it, just get rid of the spam and fire the people in Mexico who make decisions at @TwitterMexico, they just keep telling me… it’s all because the algorithm, we can’t do anything for you,” reads the Twitter owner’s tweet. the Azteca television.

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