Vincenzo Incenzo, Zoo is the third disc: live on June 5 at the Diocesan Museum of Naples

Lost ideals, the power of the media and the disorientation of young people are at the heart of Zoothird disc of Vincenzo Incenzo, singer-songwriter, writer and director from Rome who returns to the market, on May 6, with a work anticipated by the singles Pornocrazia and Ciao Repubblica, a piece that focuses on the inconsistencies and faults of our country, outraged by massacres, corruption, misdirections, trampled, together with its wonderful Constitution, yet still standing. Permeated by a sound in which acoustic and electronic textures are mixed, the work becomes a hymn in defense of freedom of thought and the right to choose one’s own identity against all conventions.

The singer-songwriter talks about the human zoo of our difficult time but there is also love and that more intimate dimension that made him known as the author of songs such as Five Days or The Elephant and the Butterfly by Michele Zarrillo. Zoo is produced by Jurii Ricotti (Eminem, Rita Ora, Ariana Grande, Bocelli) and the sound of the album was processed through new technologies not yet available on the audiorecording market, as well as voice recording. He also strongly wanted to create the physical support, creating an artistic collectible object with the visual artist Alessandro Palmigiani and with the photographer Pitta Zalocco.

The album is linked to a first tour of live presentations (on June 5 the artist will arrive at the Diocesan Museum of Naples) in the major Italian cities and will continue in the summer with concerts, until arriving in Latin America, where the singer-songwriter, who also worked for Pfm, Dalla and Venditti, has already garnered important acclaim. Your revolution is Zooo’s paradigm song and celebrates the importance of bearing witness with your own body to what you love and live for; History teaches us how ideas trampled on today by a confused and falsified present can flourish under the feet of the people of tomorrow.

The song is accompanied by a real mini film made by Luca Bizzi, which addresses the issues of the Lgbtqia + world, through the story of the resilience of two girls, who fight desperately to live their love in the light of the sun. «The past no longer exists, present and future – declares the singer-songwriter about the dark years we are experiencing – they no longer have references. Today the work camp is called the home office. It is only the ideology of health and survival that distinguishes it from the labor camps of the past. During the viral epidemic, the society of survival shows an inhuman face. The Other is first of all a potential carrier of viruses from which we must distance ourselves. Closeness and contact mean contagion. The virus aggravates loneliness and depression. Koreans call the depression caused by the current quarantine society “blue crown”. Instead, the struggle for survival is contrasted by the concern for living well. Otherwise life after the epidemic will be even more survival oriented. And then we will end up being like the virus, this undead that just multiplies, survives without living ».

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