his name ends up on the Maranello “blacklist”

«We do not forgive anything to anyone, so you do well not to forgive anything to the Ferrari»Said Enzo Ferrari. A philosophy of life. And business, at least judging by the so-called “blacklist“, That is the list of potential buyers who will not be allowed to buy other Prancing Horse cars, of which there is so much rumor on the Net and which makes every enthusiast – and collector – of the” red of Maranello “tremble. Among the “victims”, there would also be Hollywood big names, punished, in fact, with a sort of purchase ban. He knows it well, and he learned it, literally, at his expense, Justin Bieberwhich, after a series of “failures” in relation to the car, would have entered the blacklist: he will no longer be able to buy a Ferrari, at least for a – long time.

Vespa and Justin Bieber, here is the queen of pop. The latest generation of the inimitable scooter revisited and branded by the pop star

Yes, because it would be easy to get into the list, but it would be very difficult to get out of the list. Bieber, however, must not have believed in the “threat” of the ban, judging by the many rules he has broken. A few months after buying it, in 2015, he “abandoned” his Ferrari, F458, in the parking lot of a Beverly Hills club, for two weeks, forgetting where he had parked it. Short-sighted, when he got the car back, found by a member of his staff, he dedicated a story to the story on social networks. Not only. He decided to change their color, opting for an unusual electric blue shade, made by the Californian West Coast Customs, therefore not foreseen by the parent company. And he also wanted the emblem on the steering wheel to be tinted in that electric blue. To “complete” the work, he had the alloy wheels and visible bolts modified. Then he put the car up for auction. In fact, he did not follow more than one of the recommendations and indications of the code of ethics established by Ferrari to protect its image.

And so in Maranello they would have said “enough”. Because it is not enough to have great resources to be able to buy a Ferrari, it is also necessary to know it, understand it, respect it, in a certain sense deserve it. “You enter the blacklist when you use a Ferrari improperly, causing damage to the company’s image – explains Antonio Camassa, vice president of Ferrari Club Italia and award-winning gentleman-driver – The available Ferraris are fewer than those for which requests are received. therefore the company prefers not to supply cars to those who have done nonsense. If the changes are too evident, Ferrari can ask to remove their brands from the car ». The charm of the brand is also in its rules, which have the flavor of history and tradition. Not for everyone, though. In the blacklist, Bieber, in fact, would be in the company of other well-known faces.

“I don’t remember famous Italian people who have entered the blacklist, episodes of this type occur more often abroad – continues Camassa – recently, the designer Philipp Plein was called into question by Ferrari, because he dyed his car green, then using it also to advertise its products. And, in court, Ferrari won ». The blacklist is strictly confidential. Of course, about his names as well. Over time, however, hypotheses have been put forward. Among the personalities, let’s say, not particularly dear to the Cavallino, there would be Nicolas Cage, “guilty” of having sold a very rare Ferrari Enzo at a significantly lower price than the market price, and the rapper 50 Cent, who in 2020, with lots of of history on social media, he would have complained of a car breakdown. Again, Tyga, who would have “forgotten” to pay some installments of the leasing, and boxer Floyd Mayweather, who would have put one of his Ferraris up for grabs as a bet. Kim Kardashian too. And other. «Ferrari collectors are tied to tradition – concludes Camassa – they do not like modified cars. In Italy, however, for the people, Ferrari is red ». By definition, passion, and sometimes anger.


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