Transfer Market | the bomb you don’t expect

Transfer market, the bomb you don’t expect: Cristiano Ronaldo at PSG with Lionel Messi (On Monday 2 May 2022)
bomb market: Christian Ronaldo at PSG together with Messi, the latest indiscretion launched by the Mirror It was supposed to be the season of Manchester United’s rebirth, instead it proved yet another failure of the Premier League club. Not even the arrival of Christian Ronaldo reversed a negative trend that affected the Red Devils. At the moment the team is in sixth place, far from the doors of the Champions League and the lack of qualification can only say one thing: goodbye CR7. Yes, because the Portuguese is not happy with the choice to return to where it all began, especially seeing the team that does not seem to be up to the past and that is unable to go to the cup that counts. Furthermore, the feeling that was never born with the …Read on calcionews24

twitterPSGRelay : RT @EmaPolzella: ?? Resounding market bomb launched by the #MilinkovicSavic agent ?? ?? “We are talking to #ManchesterUnited and the … – EmaPolzella : ?? Resounding market bomb launched by the #MilinkovicSavic agent ?? ?? “We are talking to the … – infoitsport : Juventus transfer market, bomb exchange for Jorginho | Green light Allegri – sportli26181512 : Bomb from England: Cristiano Ronaldo could return to Real !: According to a Mirror exclusive, Cristiano Ron… – TomsFin : This way of creating hype gives me hives. Usually as a technique it is used for personal announcements (you … –

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