Marcelo and Karim Benzema receive the cup; Gareth Bale, the great absentee

Gareth Bale did not go to the Santiago Bernabeú to witness the duel and celebration, as he complained of back discomfort during the last hour of Friday

The Welsh Gareth Balewho has not participated in the celebrations of Real Madrid’s 35th league title at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu and is now in the square of Cybele Together with his colleagues, he wanted to clarify that the reason for his absence is “a spasm” in his back.

“I am very disappointed not to be able to participate in the celebrations tonight due to a back spasm, but I am very proud of the team for winning the title. Enjoy tonight guys! #HalaMadrid”, he posted on his social networks Gareth Bale while his companions were fulfilling the traditional visit to the goddess Cybelewhere several tens of thousands of fans gathered.

It was strange that after mathematically achieving the title with the victory over Espanyol, Bale was not with his teammates on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu.

At the end of Friday, he was sick due to back ailments for which no medical part was published, as is usual with the Welshman, who did not go to the Bernabeu to watch the game or the celebration. He also did not get on the bus with his companion bound for La Cibeles.

This is how Madrid celebrated obtaining league number 35

The captains of Real Madrid, Marcelo Y Karim Benzemareceived in the stadium’s box of honor Santiago Bernabeu the champion’s cup The leagueconquered with the win against Espanyol, which gave way to the celebration in the stadium from which Gareth Bale was absent.

The afternoon of celebration of the thirty-fifth League won by the real Madrid started in a Bernabeu as full as the remodeling works allowed. As soon as the game was over, the party broke out on the pitch, with a stage set up in seconds.

the brazilian Marcelo and the french Karim Benzema They were in charge of paving the way from the pitch to the presidential box, where they received the League trophy from the hands of the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales. After raising it together for the first time, with the teammates waiting in the center of the field, all together they raised it to the sky of Madrid with passion in the stands.

At the party, in continuous communion of players with fans, was missing bale. Late on Friday, he was sick due to back ailments for which no medical part was published, as is usual with the Welshman, who did not attend the Bernabeu to watch the game or the celebration. Yes, Eden Hazard did, who is recovering from his operation, and celebrated with his white shirt with number 7 on his back.

The celebration in the stadium, before leaving for La Cibeles, left numerous images to remember. On the one hand, the huddle of all the members of the coaching staff jumping, with Carlo Ancelotti happy after achieving his great challenge, winning the League with real Madrid and get the big five. He was pinned by his players at one point which he later confessed he wished would have gone on longer.

Nacho Fernández inherited the role of Raul Gonzalez what happened to Sergio Ramos. He was in charge of removing the capote and before the olés in the stands, giving a few capotes before the League Cup.

The emotion flooded Marcelo when by surprise his two children appeared running on the lawn of the Bernabéu. Embracing them on his knees, he could not hold back the tears on a special day in which he became the player with the most titles in the history of Real Madrid and in which, pending the Champions League, it may be his last conquest before his goodbye.

And when the end of the celebration prior to the meeting with Real Madrid in Cibeles was drawing near, one of the iconic images of the season arrived. David Alaba took the same chair from the security member that he raised to the sky in full madness on the day of Europe’s comeback against PSG, and he raised it again in front of the fans with the applause of all his teammates.

The players of real Madrid They made the lap of honor with songs from the stands, they were photographed with the cup together in the center of the field and the backgrounds, individually with their families, while in the stands chants of encouragement were already sounding oriented to the comeback of the semifinals of the Champions against Manchester City, “yes, you can” and “for them”, was the support of a crowd that on Wednesday will create a magical atmosphere in the Bernabeu.

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