What did Marcelo Flores and Jonathan Gómez do with the Mexican National Team?

We present you a follow-up of the youth elements of El Tri during the friendly commitment against Guatemala

Marcelo Flores Y jonathan gomez They were the most anticipated faces with Mexico and major fan magnets in Orlando, Florida. Both youth elements were applauded when they came on as a substitute in the second half of this Wednesday’s game against Guatemalasame as finished goalless draw.

‘Chicho’, as he is known Flowerswho plays for the English Arsenal U-23, was the most applauded, since Tricolor fans consider him to be the future of the national team, but the 18-year-old player had few options.

Flowers He came on as a substitute at minute 61 for Roberto ‘Piojo’ Alvarado and was placed as a left winger. It was half an hour that the youth had on the Camping World Stadium pitch, but he was far from shining like he does with his club.

Marcelo He received some balls down the wing and when he was able to face, the Guatemalan brand fell to him in a two against one that prevented him from making his characteristic dribbles and helped himself with the speed he possesses.

This complicated the process of the game a bit and he tried to slip in as an inside player to find the gaps between the lines of the Central American defense, but it was impossible to find those spaces due to how closed the lower zone of the team led by Luis Fernando Tena was.

Flowers He had no shots on goal and rarely combined with his teammates to create options that could open the scoring, so his performance was discreet, although applauded by the fans in the stadium.

While, jonathan gomezmember of Real Sociedad B of Spain, entered at minute 80 by Erick Aguirre and was placed as one of the midfielders, exactly in the same position as the one left by the Monterrey player.

Gomezwho has dual nationality and lived his first call-up with the older Tricolor, as well as his debut with it, had very little ball at his feet due to the complexity of the game and that he entered when there were only 10 minutes left on the clock.

Jonathan Germán was associated in midfield and had defensive sacrifice plays in the few attacks that the Guatemalans attempted towards Carlos Acevedo’s goal. In general, there was very little that the player who plays in Spain could show himself.

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