Enlarged pores, is it possible to get rid of them?

Let’s get the facts straight: it’s not actually possible to change the size of pores (sorry for the news). But the upside is that there are many ways (even natural ones) to reduce them preserving the elasticity of the skin and giving it brightness. Camila Cabello, for example, to tighten the pores, make a DIY mask with egg whites, as revealed in an interview with Glamor UK. While a Hello !, Sarah Chapman, facialist of Meghan Markle, revealed that Harry’s wife to reduce them does a treatment that consists of a double skincare routine that starts with a cleansing balm to cleanse and soften the sebum. Chapman then wipes a warm towel over his face, focusing on any trouble spots and stopping if he sees blood leaking. Eventually the pores are smaller and the blackheads are gone.

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Enlarged pores, the importance of proper skincare

After all, it is no coincidence that 51% of Millennials love specific skincare products to minimize the appearance of pores. However, it is necessary immediately to dispel false myths: «The fact that they open and close like doors is an urban legend. Probably also due to a simplistic way of expressing himself. For years we have heard that the steam before cleansing the face was used to open the pores. It actually thins the sebum and makes the maneuvers less impacting on the skin », says Laura Portomeo, make-up artist, skin expert and founder of the Lace Beauty brand. “However, the pores can expand, that yes. It can happen with age, due to tissue laxity, or due to sebaceous overproduction and obstruction of the pilo-sebaceous duct. In the first case chemical exfoliation and plumping treatments they can be useful, in the second case one lotion with salicylic acid and obviously investigate if there are hormonal problems at the basis of the seborrhea ».

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With proper targeted skincare, therefore, it is possible to stem dilated pores but also to prevent the onset of the problem, for healthy and strong skin. «For example, by thinning the sebum, salicylic acid prevents the duct from becoming blocked and widening. A chemical exfoliation can make pores appear finer because it eliminates the more open top. Finally, the use of so-called astringent active ingredients helps to regulate and refine the skin texture », explains the expert.

Enlarged pores, banished with makeup

Not just skincare. Make-up also helps against fearsome pores: «With make-up you can disguise them thanks to the blur-perfecting effect primer, but my suggestion is always to solve the root problem and use make-up only in emergency cases», explains the expert. In any case, make-up to hide dilated pores must follow a few simple steps: beyond a good skincare, the primer is essential, as we said, as it represents a godsend because it evens out the complexion. To cover the pores of the face, a better matte foundation with a light formulation, so as not to weigh down the grain of the face, avoiding products that are too pasty and bright. Finally, the powder should be applied sparingly to avoid putting the dilated pores of the face in the foreground, and the same goes for highlighters and blushes.

In the gallery, beauty First Aid products to minimize pores.

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