Velázquez exploded and the 3 cold breasts that would come out with Reynoso de Cruz Azul

The three players who would leave Cruz Azul after the failure in the Azteca
The three players who would leave Cruz Azul after the failure in the Azteca

Not only would the position of Juan Reynoso be in doubt for the following season at Cruz Azul after the poor results, now it is also filtered that 3 players could leave the institution.

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According to ESPN, the cement board would be very upset by the low performance of the players in recent days after the elimination of the Concachampions and the games lost at home, Víctor Velázquez, president of the Cruz Azul Board of Directors, would consider the output of at least 3 elements.

One of the players criticized by the board and the fans is the Mexican midfielder Rafael Baca, who has come down in this tournament and could be the first to leave along with coach Juan Reynoso, who would be joined by Adrián Aldrete and Alejandro Mayorga who He is on loan in the team and Chivas would return

Does Juan Reynoso play the position against America?

At a press conference, coach Juan Reynoso stressed that facing America will be one more game in which they will have to look for three important points with 5 straight defeats by Cruz Azul at the Azteca Stadium, the favorite is the azulcrema team.

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