Atlético de Madrid tried to renew Héctor Herrera at the last minute

Mexico City /

To the surprise of locals and strangers, the Houston Dynamo announced last month of March what was there concretized the hiring from Hector Herrerawho will arrive as a free agent in the summer after the Atlético de Madrid did not approach his environment to renew it. However, in Spain they have unveiled that the Colchoneros did tryalthough when they did it was already too late.

according to the newspaper ACEthe Athletic was willing to renew to the Mexicanhowever, when they made him get his offer Already was very close to finalizing his link with the American squad.

The lack of minutes was the reason why hector Herrera decided to leave to the mattresses. Although in 2022 he has become a fixture in the starting eleven, the few opportunities what was there had previously sold out his patiencesomething that the Houston Dynamo took advantage of.

Other of the aspects what bothered of the people of Madrid was that was one of the Names that he Atleti put among the transferable of the market transfers wintryin which Valencia (runner-up in the Copa del Rey) was interested in his signing.

For now everything remains in history, since Héctor Herrera will leave Atlético de Madrid in the summer as a free agent, despite the fact that he became a key piece that gave order to the Cholo Simeone squad.

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