Kim Kardashian’s Wet Hair Secret is very cheap

The wet look is one of the fashions most loved by the stars, especially now that we are heading towards the summer: wet hair recalls the long days at the sea, between the sun and dives in crystal clear waters, but also the carefree saying goodbye (at least for a few months) to hairdryer and griddle. And there are plenty of celebrities – including Kim Kardashian – who have enhanced this hair style, making it even more famous and envied by all of us mere mortals. Can we also imitate it at home, without spending too much? Well yes: the wet effect hair secret is hidden in some products that we can easily find at a low price.

Wet look hair, the trend of the summer

Whether it’s long or styled in a delicious bob, wet-look hair is undoubtedly one of the most popular trends for the summer season. There are actually two versions: the first involves a super precise and structured hairstyle, almost sculpted, with the hair well attached to the head. To achieve this elegant and refined styling, it is necessary to press the hair well and comb it carefully backwards, so that it is perfectly disciplined. The second variant is much more rebellious and “wild”, with wavy and unkempt hair, just as if we had just come out of the shower.

Many stars sported the wet look, even on important occasions. This is the case of Kim Kardashian: how to forget her on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2019, with soft wet-effect waves that fell on her shoulders? This hairstyle soon went around the world, landing on prestigious catwalks and the most glamorous events of all time. From Bella Hadid to Amber Heard, from Adriana Lima to Haley Baldwin: everyone loves the summer hair style par excellence. And to think that, with a few simple gestures, we can easily replicate it even at home.

How to make wet hair

To make a awesome wet effect, we only need a few products. The secret – of Kim Kardashian and the many other celebrities who have enchanted us with their wet hair – lies in fact behind a winning combination: a good gel and a fixing hairspray. But let’s see how to do this styling step by step. First of all we have to wash the hair thoroughly, first with a nourishing shampoo and then with a leave-in conditioner. The latter is excellent as a base for subsequent products: if we do not have it available, we can still use a common conditioner and leave some trace of it between the locks.

With our hair still wet, we carefully comb the hair giving it the shape we want. So, it’s the turn of the gel: it is spread well on the entire length of the hair, or only on the roots or on the ends – depending on the effect we want to achieve. After drying the hair using the diffuser, which helps to maintain the style and fix it without being “sticky”. Finally, it’s time for the hairspray: we’ll need it for a ultra gloss effectas well as helping us hold the hairstyle in place for as long as necessary.

But what are the most suitable products for create a perfect wet look? Incredibly, we don’t need to spend too much to get a gorgeous result. An excellent gloss effect gel is that of Activilong, ideal for all hair types. Its formulation, free of parabens and mineral oils, is rich in moisturizing active ingredients that intensify the natural shine of the hair. It also contains aloe vera and hibiscus, which deeply nourish the hair and give it a delicate scent.

Activilong gel

Activilong gel

Soft and hydrated hair, with a truly amazing wet effect

Instead of gel, you can also use wax: that of Biopoint it is water based, guarantees extra strong hold and does not leave the hair too stiff or stuck together. The hair is immediately well defined and modeled, shinier thanks to the wet effect. However, Aqua Wax Strong also helps to deeply moisturize the hair and repair its capillary fibers. And the presence of UV sunscreens protects them from the damaging effects of the sun.

The final touch is up to the hairspray, which fixes the hairstyle and gives incredible highlights to the hair. Got2b Insta Shine it has a perfect long-lasting hold, makes the hair more voluminous and fights dryness, providing correct hydration. Just spray it about 30 cm away, after drying: the look is immediately brighter, able to last all day.

For those who don’t like hairspray, there is an equally bright alternative: oil Sublimis Shine by Framesi, which protects the hair and has an incredible polishing effect, without weighing it down. Argan oil deeply nourishes even the thinnest hair, making it more disciplined and voluminous. The oil can be used once the hairstyle is complete, to obtain the wet effect, but also before drying to make the hair softer and facilitate the creation of any styling.


Sublimis Shine Oil

Sublimis Shine Oil

The extra touch to show off perfect wet-look hair

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