Mike Tyson’s version | “That passenger was aggressive

Mike Tyson’s version: “That passenger was aggressive, he even threw a bottle” (On Friday 22 April 2022)

The team breaks the silence Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion who punched a boy on the Jet Blue flight, departing from San Francisco and bound for Florida. According to TMZ, the passengerafter asking for and getting a selfie, he would continue to annoy Tyson who then reacted. Man punched by Tysonaccording to the former boxer’s team, it would have been “aggressive»: Would have harassed Tyson throwing at him also “a bottle of water while it was in its place. ” One of the two people arrested by the authorities, because she is believed to be involved in the incident, allegedly provided “minimal details on the incident and then refused to cooperate further with the investigation” of the police. Meanwhile, last night, April 21, …Read on open.online

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Mike Tyson’s version: “That passenger was aggressive, he even threw a bottle”

Mike Tyson loses his temper on the plane: a fan annoys him, he punches him – Video – Open Your browser does not support the iframe tag Archive cover photo: EPA

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Mike Tyson’s version: “That passenger was aggressive, he even threw a bottle” Open

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