Met Gala 2022, Zendaya will not be there (but we have imagined her dress)

If you couldn’t wait to admire the dress by Zendaya for the Met Gala 2022unfortunately, we have bad news: There will not befor the third year in a row.


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The actress, as she explained during an interview at the event Euphoria For Your Consideration, will not take part in the night at the highest rate of glamor of New York: «I hate to disappoint my fans, but I’ll work – and adds – I’ll be busy shooting movies, I’ll play tennis (reference to Challengers directed by Luca Guadagnino), but sooner or later I’ll be back“.

An absence that will be felt above all because – and we are sure of it – her dress would have been rubbing eyes. Thanks not only to Zendayaof course, but also of the dress code of the Met Gala ie the Gilded Glamor. The evening will therefore be a dip into the past ingolden age American, a period of rapid industrialization and massive economic growth that occurred over about three decades – from 1870 to 1900.

However, where reality does not arrive, the mind takes care of it and, with a little imagination, we can imagine what spectacular dress the MJ of the Spider-Man with Tom Holland.

Woman refuses a suitor’s request for a dance, 1890. illustration by Charles Dana Gibson


Let’s paint the image of the red carpet during the Met Gala. Between the lights and the crowd, that’s it Zendaya with her fluffy dress of an intense red studded with golden floral decorations, as required by the Gilded Age and the American high society of the late 19th century. A triumph of rouche with an hourglass silhouette, which is enhanced by the presence of the inevitable corset, and in her hair gathered a golden tiara that gives her a touch of light.

What to say? the effect is not bad … yet it is destined to remain in our mind. For the moment we can only wait for the return of Zendaya to the Met Gala and remember the incredible outfits he showed off in previous editions.

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