Club Atlético La Paz confirms its arrival in the Liga de Expansión MX

After the TM Fútbol Club announced that it would no longer participate in the Liga de Expansión MX at the end of the Clausura 2022 Tournament, the La Paz Athletic Club confirmed that he will be the new member of the silver division of Mexican soccer, taking the place that Jaiba Brava will leave.

Through an official statement, Club Atlético La Paz reported that they acquired the founding franchise of the Expansion League, which belonged to the Grupo Orlegi team, to become the new team in the category.

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“The dream of acting as agents of change remains firm and continues to materialize to be a platform that increasingly reaches more people. It is precisely with this motivation that we decided to acquire a franchise in the Expansion League.

To continue with our objective, we have reached an agreement with Grupo Orlegi, buying its founding franchise of Liga de Expansión and thus building a new history.

Today Club Atlético La Paz is born in the capital of Baja California Sur. We decided to come to La Paz to become the first professional team in the state to play in this division.”

On the other hand, David Medrano, a journalist from Azteca Deportes, revealed that Jaime Durán will be the technical director of the new expansion franchise, which is expected to debut in the 2022 Opening Tournament.

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