Sonic comes to Roblox with a brand new official 3D game

The new game from Sonic has arrived in an unexpected and surprising way: through a collaboration between SEGA and Roblox Corporation. It is a three-dimensional speed platform that will be published tomorrow, April 16in Roblox, a successful gaming platform where anyone can create and publish their own experiences. Although there were already many fan experiences inspired by the blue hedgehog, this is the first one they have officially published and they have commissioned it from Gamefam Studio, a team specialized in creating video games for this platform.

This is how it was born sonic speed simulatora game in which we can control the popular SEGA character while we run at full speed through its most iconic settings recreated in three dimensions. We can compete against other players, level up, have pets floating around us, unlock new worlds and customize the hedgehog. Although officially will be published for free tomorrow in Roblox, we can access early if we pay 50 Robux or, what is the same, 50 euro cents in Spain (although the minimum amount of virtual currency that we can buy is 400 Robux for 4.99 euros).

How to play the game Sonic in Roblox?

If you are interested in trying sonic speed simulator in Roblox but you have no idea how this platform works, don’t worry, because it is really easy to access its catalog of games: you just have to follow the steps that we indicate in this article to run the game on PC, iOS and Android. Once installed, you just have to access this link to open the new Sonic game and it will run directly, no download required. Remember that to play for free you will have to wait until April 16, although you can access earlier after paying 50 Robux.

Under these lines you can see a gallery with the first images of sonic speed simulator in Roblox.

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