Rhianna’s ears are on trend

Rihanna is a source of inspiration for all fashion lovers. Always bold, full of style, he breaks and rebuilds the rules of the fashion system. She never adapts to trends, on the contrary, it is the trends that follow her.

In recent months she has managed to revolutionize the maternity style making it sexy and explosive. To crown the singer’s looks there are always the accessories, small but effective. Earrings inconspicuous but brilliant, able to give light and elegance to the look, giving a sophisticated touch to every outfit.

If a few years ago large hoops and important and sumptuous pendants were in fashion, fashion now seems to prefer more discreet and effective accessories. Minimal but sparkling pendants, precious but never excessive materials.

Brilliant earrings like Rhianna

Brilliant, shiny, able to capture attention and give brightness to the face. Here are the favorite earrings of the famous singer Rhianna. Small, but effective, they give the look a precious and refined aura. Perfect the Swarovski earrings. Round, classic but always current, the crystals of these rods are ideal for having a very high quality accessory at a reasonable price.

Earrings set

Loved by Rhianna are the coordinated sets of earrings to embellish the whole ear. Between earcuffs which surrounded the entire profile of the auricle, ai multiple jewels, the beautiful future mother loves to embellish her look with sparkling accessories. There is no need to have many holes in the lobe, the sets are specially designed to adorn the earring starting from the lobe with bright bands. Ideal for copying Riri’s style.

The cross earrings

To give a rock and gritty touch, the perfect earrings are small circles with the pendant in the shape of a cross. Lightweight, they do not weigh down the lobes, they are able to give a bold look to even the most basic outfits. Without spending a fortune, you can pick one in 925 sterling silver. They do not spoil, are unlikely to cause allergy problems and are really delicious.

Shiny pendants

More romantic and delicate, the earrings with a beautiful one pendant zirconia star and crescent, made in S925 sterling silver. Plated in 14K white or yellow gold, they are brilliant, sparkling, delicate but delicious. Perfect for making a simple look more gallant. They do not bother, being very light, so you can always keep them, even when sleeping, they do not get damaged.

Pendants with pearl

Great classic, perfect pearl drop earrings. Small and bright, as Riri likes them. Made of 925 sterling silver, they dazzle and sparkle without tiring. Suitable for any occasion, from ceremonies, to the university or the office, they are a must-have. Pearls have that ladylike charm that gives refinement. Perfect to combine with collected hair or with very simple and neutral looks.

Rhianna once again teaches us that a few precious and well-studied accessories and a lot of determination in wearing every look are enough to have style. The beautiful singer is proof that it is enough to love each other and indulge in what makes us feel good to immediately look beautiful and fashionable. With the right earrings then, every outfit can be transformed and acquired personality. What are your favourites? Difficult to choose.

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