Mexico can declare the end of the pandemic, but more COVID variants will appear: OPS – El Financiero

What we all want and long to hear could happen: the end of the COVID pandemic in Mexico.

And it is that the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said that our country is free to declare the end of the pandemicbut at the same time warned that this is not the time to lower our guard, because new, deadlier sub-variants are constantly appearing.

This after the end of the pandemic in Mexico has been planned for May, when a large part of the population over 18 years of age will have one or two COVID vaccine boosters, in addition to the fact that work is already being done to vaccinate boys and girls.

Ciro Ugarte, director of PAHO Health Emergencies, considered that all countries have the right to relax their own health measures on COVID, but also added that infections have not disappeared.

“If the country has low community transmission, high response capacity, high vaccination coverage, a low number of deaths and few cases, it is in a position to declare the end of the emergency,” Ugarte said at a virtual press conference. .

He explained that so far in no region of the world have the levels of immunization been reached to prevent the virus from continuing to spread.

21 viral descendants of omicron subvariant found

The COVID-19 mutations they seem endless. And it is that data from the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that there 21 viral descendants related to the BA.2 variant of omicron.

Two of them have driven the increase in infections COVID in New York. These are the subvariants BA.2,12.1 and BA.2,12, which have increased hospitalizations in the same North American city.

According to data collected by the CDC, the BA.2,12.1 subvariant has caused 19 percent of COVID infections, so its contagiousness is considered to be greater than that of BA.1.

“BA.2,12.1 has increased rapidly in proportion in the United States compared to other BA.2 sublineages,” CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund told CNN.

The alert of increase in infections was issued since last week. Residents of New York were called to use again face maskcomplete their COVID vaccination schedule and get tested if they have symptoms.

Scientists are concerned that these mutations enter cells faster, as well as help evade antibody responses from vaccination.

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