Cristiano Ronaldo, the champion’s first post after the death of his son: «Thank you! We will never forget all this “

Cristiano Ronaldo reappears on social media. And he does it to thank the Liverpool fans who yesterday gathered around the pain of the player and his wife Georgina Rodriguez with a warm and powerful applause. On 18 April it was he who communicated to followers that her partner (pregnant with twins) during her birth had lost her baby boy. The female made it and “Only this gives us the strength to live this moment with a little hope and happiness”. A statement signed in the name of both parents and then nothing more. Georgina never appeared on social media, but they asked for maximum confidentiality and respect for the moment, and so it was done.

Cristiano Ronaldo and the death of his son, the social pain. The sister: “The baby is already in our dad’s arms”

Cristiano Ronaldo, the closeness of colleagues

But fans and colleagues have never left Cristiano alone. A cascade of messages and prayers also from former teammates, opponents, coaches and professionals, including those of his former Sporting Lisbon and his current club, Manchester United: «Your pain is our pain. We send love and strength to you and your family right now “. And now the English team too.

The gesture to Anfied

Liverpool fans sing at Anfied for Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina the notes of You’ll never walk alone, accompanied by numerous applauses. So a message of closeness to Ronaldo’s family was sent from the stands and from the pitch. The gesture was commented by British sports journalists: Respectfull class that is respectful and classy. And while everyone sang there were also those who waved the champion’s jersey.

The first post after the death of the champion’s son

But now it is Cristiano Ronaldo himself to thank: «One world … One sport … One global family … Thank you, Anfield. My family and I will never forget this moment of respect and compassion. Emotion also shared by the footballer’s sisters in the instagram stories

Meanwhile in the London Underground ….

But the messages arrived to Cristiano and Georgina were really many and from everywhere. a few hours after the announcement of the champion on All on the Board (the very famous blackboards in the London underground) a very sweet message appeared for the parents affected by the serious bereavement: “Some children hide to become angels and become a gift to heaven, staying in the broken hearts of their parents and their family forever, as they learn to fly with their wings to heaven, where no one can harm them, instead of learning how to walk the earth. We grieve for them wondering why we can’t be together.

Message that was also posted on the social profiles of the official blackboards account: Sending affection to Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez and their families. May their little one rest in peace. A thought also to all the people who are experiencing the same terrible pain. In addition to the photo also these words.

In short, the sports world seems to be respecting the Ronaldo family’s desire for “silence”, but the fans are close to him.

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