America continues with a winning streak, León was its victim

Of that America evicted until Day 9, only the results suffered under the command of Santiago Solari remain. Now, the Eagles on the court and their fans in the stands live a different reality.

The Eagles look intractable in the final stretch of Clausura 2022. They added their fifth consecutive victory under the command of Fernando Ortiz, but this time, tainted by the controversial work of referee Diego Montaño.

Before Montaño’s concert, Richard Sánchez, through a free kick deflected by Andrés Mosquera, opened the scoring just at minute 8. In terms of football, the Águilas were better, but the controversy would come.

The whistler went to VAR three times in the first half and twice to “favor” those from Coapa. In one he invalidated a penalty by Luis Fuentes on Ángel Mena due to a previous offside; He took another action, to expel José Rodríguez for an alleged stomp on Álvaro Fidalgo.

At minute 55 the controversy continued with the expulsion of Víctor Dávila, Fiera’s striker, for complaining about the whistle… America was already superior in every way.

The entry into the Azteca Stadium reflects that the fans and the team are reconciled and with a view to the Liguilla, the same in which the feathered ones could get directly; for now they are sixth with 22 units.

Federico Viñas and Diego Valdés got tired of failing against Rodolfo Cota, but Alejandro Zendejas appeared with his fourth goal of the tournament at 66′.

At minute 86, William Tesillo was sent off for stopping a counterattack by the Eagles. León finished with eight players, but the score did not move. America is different and this time he only thinks about the Big Party.

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